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Cheap Flights to Europe

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Europe overview

When is the best time to fly to Europe?

Europe is a year round holiday destination with 50 or so countries offering incredibly diverse landscapes, experiences and attractions for travellers from Australia.   

Peak season

Summer (June to August) is peak season for booking cheap flights to Europe and is an ideal time to visit if you have children or have set times when you can holiday. Expect sunny weather, warm temperatures, long days, and for the most part, lots of other holidaymakers. Finding cheap deals on flights, accommodation and tours are more difficult in peak season, so to ensure you get the cheapest flights to Europe book well in advance. If you’re flexible with dates, then visit busy places early or late in the season to avoid the crowds. July and August can see cities empty out of locals, France and Italy especially, but this shouldn’t affect your sightseeing. Some destinations are best visited in peak season, such as the UK and Scandinavia, when the weather is optimal.

Shoulder season

The shoulder seasons (April through to mid-June and September through to October) also see an influx of tourists arriving on flights to Europe. It’s generally a less hectic season but as southern Europe cools off, this makes for more comfortable weather for sightseeing so it can be busy. If you’re after greenery then visit the Mediterranean in spring, while hikers planning on Alpine hiking should book flight tickets for autumn.

Off Season

The tourists taper off after October, and so do the prices with more cheap flights to Europe available. Although you’re contending with colder weather, travelling to Europe in the off season (November through March) can be a big saving and there are more options for accommodation and fewer queues.

When is the best time to book a flight to Europe?

Start thinking about booking early bird flights to Europe up to six months beforehand if you’re travelling during peak or shoulder season. Consider flying into one city and returning from another to save time and money on additional travel. The off season is when you’ll get the cheapest flights to Europe, and midweek bookings are generally cheaper than weekends.  

How long is the flight to Europe?

Flights from Sydney to Europe - 22 hrs 50 mins

Flights from Melbourne to Europe - 22 hrs 15 mins

Flights from Brisbane to Europe - 23 hrs 15 mins

Flights from Perth to Europe - 18 hrs 30 mins

Which airlines operate flights to Europe?

Most flights to Europe from Australia have at least one stopover, with a break in Asia or the Middle East. This is a highly competitive route, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a wide range of airlines offering flights to Europe. Some of the budget airlines include: China Southern and Etihad Airways, while traditionally higher priced airlines such as Singapore, Emirates and Qantas have also joined the price war.

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One-way ticket (local transport)
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