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Western Australia overview

Western Australia is Australia's largest state, though its location on the isolated west coast makes it a state less travelled by many international visitors. However, those who book flights to Western Australia say it's not a place to be missed.

The good news is that domestic Western Australian flights are relatively cheap and are worth the jaunt for some of Australia's best snorkelling and diving, historic towns, amazing natural scenery, and worthy wine regions. Travellers booking flights to Western Australia from September to November will witness a display of wildflowers that blanket much of the state. Cycle through the state capital of Perth for some of the best outdoor biking and beach trails in the world. Head toward the Kimberley -- the northwest area of Western Australia -- where cattle farming and tourism excel among red cliffs, waterfalls, and lagoons. Offer your hand on the million-acre cattle ranch and tour one of the world's largest diamond mines.

Whatever the reason for booking flights to Western Australia, it's certain the trip won't be a waste.

Western Australia climate

Western Australia’s diverse climatic zones are broken up into three parts: north, central, and south. The North section holds a tropical, sunny environment with hot days and a long dry season. Things cool down a bit during chilly evenings between April and September, as well as the wet season lasting from October to March. As a general rule, rain and thunderstorms prevail in the north year round.If you’re planning on booking flights to Western Australia and staying in the central region, be prepared for scorching days: The semi-arid ecosystem is plainly desert land.In the southern division, Mediterranean summers are warm and dry, and winters are usually wet and mild. Especially in Perth, the hot summer weather is refreshingly cooled by sea breezes, and it’s easy to enjoy the lack of humidity in one of the region’s biggest cities.

When to fly to Western Australia

Booking cheap flights to Western Australia during Australia’s winter (June to August) allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s hot enough to take a dip in the water, but cool enough for daytime trekking without scorching temperatures.

Peak Season: Book flights to Western Australia during the long, dry summers (December to February) promise easy conditions and high temperatures.

Off-Peak Season: If you’re planning on booking cheap flights to Western Australia between June and August, make sure to pack warm clothes so you can brave the snow and rain with gusto. Temperatures reach freezing limits and most tourist attractions are closed, but for a unique (and chilly) experience, it’s the perfect time to see a different side of the land down under.

Getting around Western Australia

With an area three times the size of Texas, there’s quite a bit to see, so there’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting around. Since the area is so large, you might want to book domestic Western Australia flights to ensure that your time is well spent.

If road tripping excites you, then driving around Western Australia will guarantee photo opportunities with breath-taking scenery. Conveniently, rental agencies are found in main areas and cities like Perth and Sydney. Since you’re bound to be in the car for long periods of time, be sure to travel with enough gas for emergencies, because civilization isn’t always just around the corner.

Bus and railway systems are other methods of Western Australia travel to consider. Greyhound buses connect to major cities, and the two bus companies, Transwa and McCaffertey’s will take you to most tourist destinations. For even longer distances, choose the India Pacific Railway, which serves between the two respective oceans. The Great Southern Railway runs between Perth and Sydney twice weekly, and each trip takes approximately three nights.

Western Australia insider information

Bungle Bungles: Considered by some viewers as “the spine of the earth,” the Bungle Bungles are a huge collection of sand deposits that look like fingers coming up from the earth’s surface. To see what some view as spiritual ground and a mysterious natural wonder, book flights to Western Australia and experience the 1170-square metre span of wind-worn sandstone nubs. Discovered fairly recently in the 1980s, they are sometimes referred to as pumululu, which means sand stone in the indigenous Kidja language.

Dampier Peninsula: If the tropical north is your first destination from your flight to Western Australia then a little planning will go a long way, especially if you want to truly experience all that the outdoors has to offer. The red soil and turquoise waters of the Dampier Peninsula make a mosaic of land that is largely inhabited by aboriginal culture. Aside from the occasional monsoon during the wet season (December- March), staying at one of the peninsula’s resorts in Kooljama or Middles Lagoon will expose you to a life-changing experience.

Coral Coast: If seaside expedition draws you to book a flight to Western Australia, then the coral coast on the Indian Ocean will satisfy your aquatic desires to explore. The northern part of Western Australia that meets the Indian Ocean is full of exotic marine wildlife and protected coral for the seabed voyager to observe. Whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, and manta rays cruise the deep waters and become part of the lavish underwater village around you. Because of the sparse rainfall and few rivers that run toward that section of the ocean, hardly any sediment makes it into the clear water, making it largely unpolluted.

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$ 4.42
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$ 4.42
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$ 1.32
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$ 350.79
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