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Emerald experiences a humid subtropical climate with mild, dry winters and hot summers.

Being in the centre of Queensland, Emerald can be extremely warm in the summer months between November and March, with an average high temperature of 33.5 degrees Celsius and an average low temperature of 20.5 degrees Celsius. Temperatures have been known to reach the high 40s during this time, so make sure you pack some sunscreen. This period also sees an increase in rainfall. If you find cheap flights to Emerald during these months, you may find the weather conditions make visiting the many outdoor attractions quite uncomfortable.

Visiting the city between April and May or September and October can be perfect weather-wise. Finding cheap flights to Emerald might be difficult during these periods. The weather is mild, with temperatures usually between the low teens to high 20s, there is constant sunshine and the crowds are often smaller. This can be a great time to visit if you wish to spend your holiday outdoors, for instance, in the Botanical Gardens or hiking in the Emerald Falls. You may even have some of the trails all to yourself.

The city hosts a range of events throughout the year, so there’s always something on when you take cheap flights to Emerland. The Central Highlands Multi-Cultural Festival is held during August which celebrates the vibrant cultural diversity in the area. You will be entertained by world music and dance from a variety of local, national and international instrumentalists, vocalists and dance troupes, as well as taste global cuisines and sample an assortment of wine and beer.

Why visit

Famous for its luminous sapphires and its vivid fields of sunflowers, Emerald is a relaxed, welcoming holiday town at the heart of Australia's sun-soaked state of Queensland.

The town itself has a number of important 19th century buildings, including its elegant railway station which also links Emerald to the bustling city of Brisbane - a few hours down the line. Even more historic, at the centre of town, visitors will find a fossilized tree that is thought to be 250 million years old.

For a leisurely afternoon stroll, the town's Botanical Gardens are gorgeous, with rainforest exhibits and gently rippling lily ponds - an ideal site for a family picnic. Emerald is also a water sports centre. The wide expanse of Lake Maraboon provides the perfect environment for boating, water-skiing and kayaking, not to mention fishing.

The area around the town rose to prominence in the 19th century when word spread about its rich gemstone resources. Nowadays, visitors can drive to the gemfields at towns like Rubyvale and see some of the most stunning examples of the earth's bounty.

Hikers will be in their element in the region, and there are marvellous sights of natural beauty like Emerald Falls, with its series of falls and lagoons inviting hikers to take a secluded dip. The countryside also has plenty of mountain biking trails, and maps can be picked up in town showing the routes.

The city is also home to a number of annual events like the Central Highlands Multi-Cultural Festival, with its vibrant range of cultural offerings and costumes. Though the town may be small, there is always something new to explore.

Getting around Emerald

Emerald is not large enough to really need an extensive public transport service, and you can reach the town's attractions by foot or bicycle, if necessary. To see the gemfields or walking trails, a rugged rental car will be required, while you can also reach the coast by the Spirit of the Outback train service.

Getting from the airport to the city

There aren't many options for those taking a flight to Emerald Airport (EMD) which is located 6 km south of the town centre. However, the major car rental companies are well represented and by renting a car before flying you will remove all of the hassle from arrival. Alternatively, there are taxi firms in town who will meet your flight, and some hotels provide shuttle services, but check that your accommodation does so before flying.

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