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When is the best time to visit?

The time to find cheap flights to King Island is from early May to the beginning of December during the off-peak season which also coincides with school holidays.  Flights to King Island along with accommodation are lower in price which will give you more spending money in your pocket.  The best time to visit weather-wise is generally late November to the end of April.  The climate is a lot hotter with average temperatures around 33 degrees Celsius. King Island also hosts numerous annual events throughout the year so you can coincide your visit to Kings Island around events that interest you such as the Long Table Festival and the Imperial 20 Marathon.

Taking a flight to Kings Island in late December allows tourists and locals to experience the Horse Racing Carnival and also enjoy some of Australia’s best blue skies and sunshine. From December through to January the North Road Racecourse Complex offers a programme of relaxed race days with refreshments and food readily available. 

The Queenscliff to Grassy Yacht Race is another major sporting event on the Australian Ocean Racing Calendar. The event falls on the Victorian Labour Day long weekend in March at the King Island Boat Club where spectators can experience the exciting and vibrant atmosphere at the finishing line of the race. Crew members and locals will then gather together to enjoy a fantastic afternoon of food, refreshments and merry making.

Why visit King Island?

Take a flight to King Island and visit one of the beautiful islands that make up the state of Tasmania, Australia.  It's located in the Bass Strait, halfway between the main island of Tasmania and the Australian state of Victoria. King Island has a relaxing atmosphere and a population of just under 2,000 which makes it very popular with holidaymakers looking to get away from it all.  The island attracts scuba diving enthusiasts from around the world who are keen to explore the many shipwrecks off the coast. Apparently there are around 60 known shipwrecks in the area such as the American clipper ship, Whistler and the UK vessel, British Admiral.  One of the many reasons to take a holiday here is the spectacular beaches at Lavinia Point, Phoques Bay, Fitzmaurice Bay and Seal Bay.  They are the ideal place to relax, chill out and enjoy the sunshine.  There are also many water sport activities available such as surfing, jet skiing, paragliding and snorkelling.  Why not take a maritime trail walk to learn more about the island's history and meet the friendly locals?  It's the perfect opportunity to visit Grassy Harbour, Currie Harbour as well as Sea Elephant Bay.  Don't forget your camera on your travels when trekking, hiking or walking through Calcified Forest, Fraser Bluff or Sandblow Point.  Dine in the many restaurants and cafes on the island that offer the very best of local produce such as cheese, lobster and beef.

Getting around King Island

Car hire companies on King Island which can be found in the airport arrivals hall, offer discount deals for visitors who choose to rent a vehicle for more than a few days.  Another way to get around the island is to hire a bicycle.  It's a much cheaper option and a great way to keep fit.

Getting from the airport

King Island airport (KNS) is located 6.4 km north-west from the town of Currie.  There is no public transport on the island so the only option to get to and from the airport is by car hire.  The good news is car hire can be arranged in advance when you book your flight to King Island or at the airport on your arrival. 

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