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Cheap Flights to Asia

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Asia overview

The world's largest and most populous continent, Asia encompasses a plethora of diverse countries, cultures and landscapes. From the glittering skyscrapers of Hong Kong and stunning gardens of Japan to the temples of India and beaches of Thailand, travellers arriving from flights to Asia have an overwhelming choice of destinations.

Global powerhouse China has emerged as a popular new travel destination, a vast country with bustling cities and ancient villages that would take years to fully explore.

Thailand is a traveller's favourite drawing seven million visitors each year, to its idyllic beaches, ancient ruins, luxury resorts and its bustling metropolis, Bangkok.

India is a kaleidoscope of different cultures with more than 1652 languages, eight major religions and fascinating people with an infectious joie de vivre.

Straddling Asia and Europe is the largest country in the world – Russia, the former communist empire that has rebounded as one of the hot new destinations for travellers.

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