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As vast as it is varied, India has long attracted visitors with its heady mix of splendour, spiritualism and sheer scale. There is no shortage of cheap flights to India to choose from though picking the starting point of your visit will depend on how you plan your trip. Whether you set your sights on the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, the bustle of Mumbai, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan or the beaches of Goa, be prepared to be awed - and inspired - by the variety of the place.

That diversity is something that is apparent from the moment cheap flights to India touch down - and remains with you long after you return home. So embrace the enigma that is India on your visit and prepare for snow-covered mountains and spectacular beaches, serene temples and hectic markets, bustling modern cities and waylaid villages unchanged and unmoved by the passage of time.

While the sights are sure to dazzle don't forget to take in the smells and sample the cuisine already famous the world over. While a traditional curry is a solid starting point, don't hold back when it comes to trying out the local delicacies from the Vendaikai poriyal (okra) popular in Tamil Nadu in the south to something richer like a chicken kofta with a walnut gravy in the Punjab in the north - and just about every other taste sensation imanginable in between.

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