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Despite the heat, hordes of visitors choose to book their flights to Athens in the summer, in particular August. If you are travelling during this time, it should be taken into consideration that some Athenians shut their businesses and take their holidays during the second half of August. If you come in the summer, visit sights and attractions in the early morning, nap through the midday heat, then visit more attractions in the evening. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is a great celebration of leading individuals and companies within theatre, music and dance, including opera, classical music, ballet, jazz and ancient theatre. This famous cultural event takes place in mid-June to mid-September, with most performances taking place on the slope of the Acropolis.

Spring and late autumn have ideal weather for visiting Athens and you may also find cheaper flights and deals on accommodation. A National holiday in Athens and Greece, Independence Day and Evangelismos, take place in March. This commemorates the revolt against the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and is celebrated with dances and parades. Another event which can appeal to visitors is Apokries (Carnival), a three week celebration before the Lent fasting period starts, which is celebrated with plays, street parties and parades organised all around Athens. The date of this carnival is open to change, so check the exact date before you fly.

Winter is an interesting time to visit Athens. Although the weather is chilly with some rain, you can expect fewer tourists and possibly save money on accommodation and find some cheap flights.

Why visit

Flying to Athens is on every serious traveller's wish list. The sight of the floodlit Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis alone is worth whatever you've paid for the tickets.

Athens has bags of character and a unique atmosphere, the result of those 2,500 years of life, endeavour and effort. Once dismissed as smoggy and dirty, hosting the Olympic Games in 2004 gave the city a new lease on life and now it's one of the top city-break destinations in the world. However, while boutique hotels have sprung up and ritzy restaurants are being written up in the world's press, while the airport is just losing its freshly-constructed sheen and residents and visitors are enjoying their journeys on the new metro, while new and expanded museums are attracting visitors, the heart of Athens beats strong.

With Syntagma Square and Monastiraki, Omonia Square is the third point of the triangle at the heart of modern Athens. Plaka, the tangle of streets in the skirts of the towering Acropolis is to the south. Further east, the regenerated areas of Thissio and Gazi are now firmly on the map.

But don't let yourself be dazzled by the vibrant nightlife, thriving restaurant scene and countless cafes dotted around the city. Its focus remains the elevated Acropolis where the Parthenon stands in a glory that may have been worn but hardly dimmed by the passage of time. Other sites of note when you book your flights to Athens include the Temple of Hephaestus, the Ancient Agora, Theatre of Dionysus and the Roman Herodes Atticus amphitheatre that are scattered around the base of the Acropolis - can be accessed via the pedestrian-only Grand Promenade.

Athens climate

Athens' climate is Mediterranean; the weather is beautiful year round. Summer temperatures can climb to 33 degrees Celsius, while temperatures during the winter months average 13 degrees. Snow sometimes falls during the winter months.

Getting around Athens

The Athens metro has three lines - Line 1 (the old Athens-Piraeus electric rail service known as ISAP), Line 2 (underground) and Line 3 (underground).

The tram network links Syntagma Square in the city centre to the coastal suburbs in the south.

Metered, yellow-colour taxis are readily available. The driver must activate the meter when hired.

Getting downtown from the airport

Taxis are available at the taxi rank outside the Athens International airport (ATH) terminal, 24 hours a day. The Metro takes about half an hour to get to Syntagma Square and Monastiraki – two of the key points in Athens. Local bus travels to Syntagma Square and takes about 40 minutes.

Athens insider information

  • The Moscow metro is stunning, but the Athens one is not far behind. Classical music, marble floors and statues. Granted, the statues are not authentic. Some of the originals are thousands of kilometres away, in the British Museum in London, but others are much closer - in the Acropolis Museum. The station hall is home to a replica of the Elgin Marbles and the platforms are decorated not by contemporary posters, but a terracotta frieze.
  • To experience the Parthenon in relative solitude, get an early breakfast and get to the Acropolis gates before 8am. Buy a ticket (it'll also get you into the Agora, the Theatre of Dionysos and the Temple of Olympian Zeus) and ascend as quickly as you can.
  • The Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Psyrri is an annex of the bigger Benaki Museum (near Syntagma Square). Stuffed into the museum are tombstones from Egypt and a reception room from a Cairo mansion, ceramics from Iraq, prayer carpets and astronomical instruments among many, many other fascinating objects.
  • The National Archaeological Museum boasts a fascinating collection of ancient art that spans thousands and thousands of years. An early start is called for here too. See the rooms dominated by an enormous statue of Zeus (or Poseidon) that dates from 460BC, and where the child-on-horseback statue appears to be frozen at mid-gallop.

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Petrol (1 litre)
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One-way ticket (local transport)
$ 2

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  • Sip cocktails and party into the early hours in one of Athens top nightlife areas, the district of Gazi.
  • Greece provides a perfect destination for summer getaways and memorable city breaks.
  • Once your flight has landed, visit one of Athens' most popular sites, world famous hilltop Acropolis.
  • Make the most of the local Greek cuisine and wines in the city’s unique and idyllic restaurants.
  • Athens' position on the Aegean Sea make the prospect only more enticing
  • Athens offers something for everyone: from landmarks such as the Parthenon to a lively clubbing scene

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