Qantas Airways Guide

Founded in 1920, Qantas is the world’s third oldest airline (after KLM and Avianca). The Australian carrier first began flying internationally in 1935 and currently serves over 50 destinations both domestically and around the globe. The Sydney suburb of Mascot is home-base for the airline, which also owns the low-cost carrier Jetstar. Qantas the largest airline in Australia and carries approximately 15% of all people flying in and out of the nation.

What are the Qantas check-in options?

Mobile boarding passes
Flying with children
Seating for kids
Unaccompanied children
Flying while pregnant
Senior fares
Group Bookings
Disabled Access
Travelling with wheelchairs
Guide dogs

What are my Qantas check-in options?

Mobile boarding passes

You can check in online for domestic flights using the online portal by entering your booking details ahead of your flight, or via the Qantas app. Qantas also has a new Auto Check-in feature, which will send you an SMS prior to your flight, inviting you to access your boarding pass and save it to your phone. At the airport you can then use your digital boarding pass on your mobile device in the same way you use a paper boarding pass. Open it on your mobile device, and scan the boarding pass at the kiosk to print a bag tag, at the bag drop to check-in your bag, and at the gate to board your flight. Note that currently the Qantas Auto Check-in feature is only available for domestic flights. International passengers are required to use the app or online check-in. When using the online portal, ensure you are within the online check-in window of 24 hours up until 30 minutes before flight departure.

Flying with children

Infants who do not occupy a separate seat are carried for 10% of the applicable adult fare plus taxes and surcharges on international flights and free of charge on domestic flights. Each infant under 2 years must be accompanied by a separate adult. Note that children over 2 years must occupy a separate seat with the applicable fees.

Seating for kids

You can select your seats after you book by using the Advance Seat Selection, which is free on domestic flights and for selected travellers on international flights. On domestic services, infants under the age of 2 can travel on their parents’ tickets. For international services, infants must have their own ticket. Since bassinets are limited, you will need to request one at the time of booking. Bassinets on Qantas flights are approximately 71cm long, 31cm wide, 26cm deep, and have a weight limitation of 11 kg.

Unaccompanied children

Children under the age of 5 years cannot travel alone and need to fly with an accompanying passenger aged 15 years or older. Children aged between 5 and 11 years (on domestic flights) or 6 and 11 years on international flights of less than 6 hours are classified as unaccompanied minors if they are not flying with:

  • the child’s parent or guardian;
  • the child’s sibling aged 15 years or older; or
  • an adult nominated by the child’s parent or guardian.

In this case, you will be required to pay an extra supervision fee of $50 for domestic travel or $90 for international flights for each unaccompanied minor. The same fee applies for children aged 12-15 years. Note that for international flights and domestic flights departing from an international terminal, travel for unaccompanied minors cannot be booked online and must be booked through a Qantas Office. Extra fees apply if the booking is made at the airport.

Flying while pregnant

Qantas has a policy specifying the latest stage that pregnant women can take flights. To travel after the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to carry a certificate or letter from a registered medical practitioner or registered midwife confirming:

  • the estimated date of delivery
  • whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy; and
  • that there are no complications with the pregnancy

A medical clearance is required for any pregnancy with expected complications. On flights of four hours or more, and if there are having no complications with the pregnancy, expectant mothers can travel up to the end of the:

  • 36th week of the pregnancy for single pregnancies.
  • 32nd week for multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets etc.).

On flights of less than 4 hours, and if there are having no complications with the pregnancy, expectant mothers can travel up to the end of the:

  • 40th week of the pregnancy for single pregnancies
  • 36th week for multiple pregnancies.

Note that some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. Check with the relevant embassy or consulate before you travel to confirm any further limitations.

Senior fares

Qantas does not offer special senior fares at this time.

Group bookings

If you are planning to fly with a group and wish to be seated together, you can arrange bookings for 10 or more people by requesting a quote through Qantas. Benefits of group booking include:

  • Flexible group fare options across all cabins
  • Automatic notifications of upcoming deadlines
  • Full payment is not required immediately
  • A deposit will hold the seats and the group fare
  • Names do not need to be advised until close to the date of travel
  • Competitive group fare quotes in real time.

Disabled access

Walking canes and crutches may be carried in the aircraft cabin. You may use your cane or crutches to the departure gate and carry it on board the aircraft where it will be stowed in an overhead locker or alternative storage space.

If your walking frame is collapsible and cabin crew can stow it safely, your walking frame can be stowed in the aircraft cabin. For safety reasons, non-collapsible walking frames are not permitted in the aircraft cabin. You can surrender your walking frame at check-in. You will then be transferred to the departure gate in a Qantas wheelchair or people mover. Alternatively, you can use your frame to the departure gate where it can be surrendered for stowage in the aircraft hold.

Travelling with wheelchairs

Two pieces of mobility equipment per person can be carried free as checked baggage in addition to other checked baggage on Qantas flights, if they are required for the personal use of the passenger. Due to restrictions in aircraft hold space, there is a limit on the amount of electric wheelchairs or mobility aids permitted per flight. The maximum amount and dimensions of electric wheelchairs or mobility aids are:

Aircraft Type

Maximum Dimensions (in adjusted state)

Maximum Dimensions (in adjusted state)
Aircraft Type Width Height Length
Boeing 737 100cm 84cm 125cm
Bombardier Dash 8 85cm 130cm 115cm
Boeing 717 129cm 69cm 100cm
Fokker 100 125cm 75cm 125cm


Note that if the mobility aid weighs more than 32kg and cannot travel in the upright position in free wheel mode in the cabin, it must be carried as freight at standard freight rates.

Flying with guide dogs

Certified and Registered guide/hearing dogs are allowed on board Qantas flights when accompanying a guest who has a vision or hearing impairment, provided that the dog the owner has their ID medallion or documentation, and that the dog has been accredited by an approved training association. Note that you must inform Qantas at the time of booking if you plan to fly with your guide dog.


On both Australian domestic and international flights, you must book and lodge your pet through Qantas Freight prior to commencing your travel. If you wish to travel on the same flight as your pet, you will need to confirm your pet’s booking prior to making your own reservation. Qantas Freight also offers a service for pets to travel unaccompanied. Note that quarantine regulations apply for international destinations and for Western Australia, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, and Thursday Island.

What are the Qantas baggage allowance limits and fees?

Qantas hand luggage size
Qantas checked luggage size
Baggage charges
Musical and sport equipment

What are the Qantas baggage allowance limits and fees?

Qantas hand luggage size

Qantas allows economy passengers to bring one main item and one small item as carry-on baggage within the weight and size limits specified below:

  • 2 x 105cm bags, or
  • 1 x 105cm bag plus 1 x 185cm (73in) non rigid garment bag, or
  • 1 x 115cm bag

Each piece of luggage must be able to fit under the seat in front of you, or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft. Note that if you plan to bring any liquids into the cabin, you can do so as long as they are stored in containers no bigger than 100ml and are carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bags with maximum dimensions of 20 x 20cm. Each passenger can carry a maximum of 1000ml (e.g. 10 x 100ml).

Qantas Checked luggage size

Your checked luggage allowance on Qantas flights differs slightly depending on your fare type and membership level in the Frequent Flyer program run by Qantas – Club, Silver, Gold or Platinum (and Platinum One):

Class/Allowance Adult Club/Silver Gold Platinum/One
Economy 1 x 23kg 1 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg
Business 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 3 x 32kg

Total dimensions of each item must not exceed 140cm (55in). Dimensions for checked baggage are calculated by adding together the width, height and depth of the piece of baggage. Note that each piece of baggage may not exceed a total weight 32kg.

Baggage charges at the airport

If you are flying domestically and arrive at the airport with checked baggage above your allowance, you’ll be charged as follows:

  • $40 for the first extra piece
  • $60 for the second and subsequent extra pieces
  • $30 Heavy Charge for each piece weighing over 23kg

Please note: for flights to international destinations (apart from the Americas), extra baggage is charged per kilo.

Musical and sporting equipment

You can take a musical instrument in its hard-shell case into the cabin as long as it fits in the overhead cabin and does not weigh more than 7kg. Note that if its total linear dimensions are 105cm or less, then it will be equivalent to a 105cm bag specified above. If its total linear dimensions are between 105cm and 142cm, then it will be taken as equivalent to a 115cm bag. Cellos and larger instruments can also be taken in to the cabin but you will need to buy an extra seat or alternatively check them in.

In most cases, sporting equipment can be included as part of your normal checked baggage allowance, although you can purchase an excess baggage allowance in advance to save on the fees outlined above that are charged at the airport. The carriage of baggage over and above the free baggage allowance is subject to space being available. Note that some sporting equipment such as surfboards, surf skis and windsurfers (sailboards) may not be able to be carried as checked baggage and will need to be sent as freight (with the applicable charges) if they are longer than 277cm (or 240cm for those travelling on Qantas Link). The maximum weight of any piece of checked baggage is 32kg.

What additional fees does Qantas charge?

Booking fees
Flight change fees
Flight cancellation policy
Travel insurance

What additional fees does Qantas charge?

Booking Fees

All domestic bookings made by credit card will incur a $7 per person administration fee. Debit or prepaid cards (including Qantas Cash) incur a $2.50 fee. This lower booking fee is also applicable if using Credit Vouchers, Qantas UATP. BPAY or POLi. Australian international flights incur a fee of $10 for the same methods, or $30 for credit card.

A $35 booking fee also applies for Australian domestic and Trans-Tasman flights if bookings are made at the airport or through the Qantas call centre. Note that no such booking fee applies if the booking is made online. For international flights, a $60 fee applies (again free if the booking is made online).

Flight change fees

A flight change fee will apply if you plan to alter your departure date or time (per passenger, per flight) on Australian and New Zealand domestic flights:

Australian/NZ booking type Fee per passenger per booking*
Domestic bookings through Qantas Contact Centres A$10
Domestic bookings at airport locations and Group Sales A$40
Trans-Tasman bookings A$40
International bookings A$80


Please note: a change fee may not apply depending on the fare type purchased, and that you may have to pay any difference between the fare for your new booking and your original fare.

Flight cancellation policy

Should your flight be cancelled, or Qantas makes a significant change to the scheduled departure time of your flight (except where this is due to circumstances out of their control), the airline will either:

  • rebook you on the next available flight (or combination of flights) at no cost to you, or
  • refund the applicable fare, or
  • provide you with meal vouchers (or reimburse you for the reasonable costs of meals) if you choose to continue travel and the change or cancellation occurs on the day of scheduled travel, or
  • help find you overnight accommodation and/or reimburse your accommodation costs if your travel is delayed overnight and you have already commenced a portion of your trip.If the flight delay or cancellation is an event beyond the control of Qantas, however, they will only either rebook you on a new flight at no cost or refund the ticket price.

    Qantas Frequent Flyer Program

    If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, and depending on the class of membership (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum One), you may obtain:

    • seating preferences on the plane for free (subject to availability)
    • priority telephone service and check-in at the airport
    • extra checked luggage allowances
    • member-only lounge access

    Silver, Gold and Platinum members obtain further benefits. Membership details and a link to the Qantas sign-up page can be found here.

    Travel insurance

    Qantas offers a range of travel insurance products via QBE, including cover for:

    • multi trip travellers
    • international travellers
    • domestic travellers

    The different plans may include benefits such as covering the costs associated with Qantas booking cancellation fees, rental fees, additional accommodation and meal expenses, special events, missed connections etc.

Which routes does Qantas fly?

Destinations served by Qantas

Which routes does Qantas fly?


Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Port Macquarie
Northern Territory
Alice Springs & Red Centre
Hamilton & Hayman Island
Cairns & Port Douglas
Gold Coast
South Australia
Barossa Valley
Western Australia


Hong Kong
Middle East
New Zealand & South Pacific
Auckland, NZ
New Caledonia
North America
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
San Francisco
South Africa
South America

What amenities does Qantas offer?

General amenities
In-flight entertainment
Frequent Flyers

What amenities does Qantas offer?

General amenities

On all A380, B747-400 and A330-300 aircraft you can now send and receive text messages, make in-flight telephone calls and perform seat to seat calls as well. Inflight duty free is also offered on international flights. Furthermore, you can access thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world through the Qantas app for 12 hours. Your complimentary download period is available to use from the day before your flight.

In-flight entertainment

Flights on A330-200 and B737-800 aircraft provide in-flight entertainment, with a selection of movies, TV and music available. International flights also offer in-flight entertainment, with different options available for different aircraft.


In-flight meals and drinks are available for free on domestic and international flights. When you book your flight, you will have the option of pre-purchasing an in-flight meal or snack as well. Western, regional and vegetarian meals can be added at the ‘Manage your Booking’ page.


Seat selection is free on domestic flights, but you can also select your seat from $25 on international journeys. You can also request extra legroom seats from $60 per flight segment on domestic routes, or $90 for international medium haul. Extra-legroom seats on international long-haul flights are $180 per segment. Note that seat selection fees are waived on international flights if you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyer or travelling with them on the same Qantas booking, or you are travelling in First, Business or Premium Economy.

Frequent Flyers

All members start out as a Bronze Frequent Flyer. When you fly, you earn Status Credits and Qantas Points. Earn enough Status Credits and you will be upgraded to Silver, then Gold, Platinum and Platinum One. Click here to join.


Lounges (for members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program)
Nearly all Qantas lounges have TV and free newspapers and magazines, wifi access, coffee and beverages, showers, internet access and lounge dining.

How do I contact Qantas customer service?

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage

How do I contact Qantas customer service?

Qantas Customer Service

The Qantas contact number for flight information is 13 13 13 if calling from within Australia. For country specific contact numbers, click here.

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage

If your luggage is lost or delayed on a domestic flight, you will need to report it at the Qantas Airport Baggage Service counter before you leave the airport. You can also report it via Baggage Services on 1300 306 980 in Australia or +61 2 9424 8103 (damaged, delayed or missing baggage only) for international flights. On domestic flights, if only a part of the luggage is damaged or lost, it will need to be reported within 3 days. If all of the luggage is lost or damaged, it will need to be reported within 21 days. For international flights, the limit is 7 days for damaged baggage and 21 days for delayed or lost baggage. You can submit a claim in writing through the baggage enquiry form.

If your baggage is delayed, and you have notified the airline by filling out a delayed baggage report, you will be given a 10 digit reference number. This number will allow you to follow the status of your delayed luggage here.


Within Australia, Qantas’s liability is limited to:

  • AUD$1,600 in respect to the destruction, damage or loss of your checked baggage;
  • AUD$160 in respect to carry-on baggage; and
  • AUD$725,000 in respect to bodily injury to you or your death.

International travellers have slightly different compensation entitlements depending on the convention applicable in the region of travel.


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