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Cheap Flights to Malaysia

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Malaysia overview

When is the best time to fly to Malaysia?

Peak season

Malaysia averages temps between 21C to 32C year round, so it’s ideal if you’re seeking a warm holiday destination. There are two distinct seasons, wet and dry, which dictate when people will arrive on flights to Malaysia. The dry season extends from May to September, and is the period when most travellers search for cheap flights to Malaysia. Keep in mind that June to August is Malaysian school holidays when booking your flight tickets, so the main cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will be busier than normal. Despite the heavy rains, December to January is also a busy period as people look for cheap flight deals to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Day and Chinese New Year.

Off Season

September to December is low season in Malaysia as the monsoon rains makes sightseeing less attractive. Tropical downpours can last for two to three hours and there is high humidity, but if you don’t mind packing wet weather gear then you’ll enjoy lower prices on flights to Malaysia at this time.

When is the best time to book a flight to Malaysia?

Book flights to Malaysia well in advance to avoid price hikes closer to peak seasons, especially round the Christmas / New Year period. Fares are also generally more expensive during weekends, so aim to fly midweek if you can. Major local festivals can make flight deals to Malaysia harder to find, so try to avoid these dates if possible to get the lowest priced fares.

How long is the flight to Malaysia?

Flights from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur – 8 hrs 30 mins

Flights from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur – 8 hrs

Flights from Perth to Kuala Lumpur – 5 hrs 40 mins

Which airlines operate flights to Malaysia?

Malaysia is a busy flight corridor between Europe and Australasia, so it has excellent international air links and a good choice of direct or 1-stop flights. Search for cheap flights to Malaysia with low-cost airlines such as Air Asia X, Jetstar Asia, Tigerair and Malaysia Airlines. Other popular airlines flying this route from Australia include: Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Emirates.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) are Malaysia’s two main international airports. They offer a range of first class facilities (Changi Airport currently holds the title for the The World’s Best Airport) plus dedicated express rail links to reach the city centre quickly and conveniently.

Malaysia insider information

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How much do things cost in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur
Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
$ 0.43
$ 3.51
1 hour taxi waiting fee
$ 8.16
Cheap meal
$ 3.91
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
$ 2.61
3 course meal for 2
$ 19.57
Loaf of white bread
$ 1.06
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
$ 5.55
Kota Kinabalu
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
$ 3.59
3 course meal for 2
$ 17.94
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
$ 3.26
Meal at McDonald's or similar
$ 3.91

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