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When is the best time to fly to Malawi?

Peak season:

Malawi generally hovers somewhere in a humid subtropical climate meaning that the winters are pleasant and the summers are very warm. The different areas of Malawi do experience different weather conditions though but generally May to August is the busiest time of year to visit. The weather is generally warm and dry without being too hot and uncomfortable. You’ll definitely need to make sure you book your flight tickets well in advance to have a chance of finding cheap flights to Malawi during this peak season. One of the benefits of Malawi is that there are cultural events taking place throughout the year so you’ll more often than not manage to arrive during something special. There is the Malawi Wilderness Dug-Out Canoe Race during April, where 8 different communities come together and battle it out in a race on Lake Malawi. There’s a sailing marathon in the middle of August, a cycling marathon in June and even World Lion Day on the 10th of August. This is a special day to celebrate the successful reintroduction of lions back into the wild.

Off season:

From around the middle of August all the way through to November can be unbearably hot although if you can tolerate the heat then you can find some good deals on your flight tickets. The true off season begins around December. December to March is classed as the wet season. It’s a short season and the rest of the year is practically completely dry. The wet season has the benefit of offering the cheapest flights to Malawi thanks to a lack of real tourist interest. The downside is that some activities aren’t available so you’re list of things to do might be slightly more limited.

When is the best time to book a flight Malawi?

To have a chance of securing the cheapest flights to Malawi you’ll want to aim to have your flight tickets booked at least four or five months in advance. This will help you avoid the dramatic increase in price as the dates draw nearer. If you’re dates are for one of the busiest months of the year then you might struggle to find cheap flights to Malawi regardless of how early you book, however your flight tickets will still be cheaper than last-minute purchases. The best way to find the cheapest flights to Malawi is to be flexible with your dates and the area of Malawi you wish to visit. School holidays and certain events will also increase the price of your flight tickets so take this into consideration when you’re booking your flights to Malawi. There isn’t too much importance on selecting a specific side of the plane to sit on as both sides offer some stunning views of Malawi as you approach.

How long is the flight to Malawi?

Flights from London to Lilongwe, Malawi: 15 hours 05 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Blantyre, Malawi: 16 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Lilongwe, Malawi: 15 hours 25 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Blantyre, Malawi: 19 hours 00 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Malawi?

There are several airlines that offer flights to Malawi, Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, Air France and KLM to name the major ones. When you’re deciding which airline to secure your flight tickets with it’s worth considering your budget and your preference. Usually you’ll lean towards who offers the cheapest flights to Malawi although this does vary from airline to airline depending on the dates and where in Malawi you’re flying into. Once you’ve settled on a rough period of dates you can start comparing a couple of airlines together to see who offers you the best value for money on your flight tickets. It’s worth noting that all flights to Malawi are all connecting so there is every chance you’ll use a combination of different airlines before you land in Malawi for your vacation.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?


Once your flights to Malawi land in Lilongwe you’ll have the choice of two different options to find your way into the city centre. The first one, and most convenient way, is to just get a taxi. You can find them outside of the airport and you’ll be able to find one easily. They aren’t overly expensive either but just make sure to agree on the fare before you commit to the journey. There aren’t any minibuses or other public transport options so you’re pretty limited to just the taxi. You could also rent a car although the city centre is quite the distance so unless you’re familiar with the area you might prefer to jump in a taxi.


The Blantyre airport is located around 16km away from the city centre and you are slightly less limited than you are with Lilongwe. The best option is probably to still get a taxi as you can get dropped off directly outside of your hotel which is a lot more convenient especially after your long flights to Malawi. Failing that there is a bus service which you can jump on however they can be crowded and they aren’t always too reliable. That said they are much cheaper than a taxi and once you’ve got your bearings can make for a much better option.

Malawi insider information

  • Lake Malawi is such a vast body of water it could be confused for being a sea. So much so that it makes a list of 10 lakes that look like oceans.
  • If you are quite the hiker then you should definitely take the trek up Mount Mulanje for a great experience.

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$ 2.40
Pair of jeans
$ 57.16
Petrol (1 litre)
$ 1.32
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$ 0.36

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