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When is the best/cheapest time to visit Jinan?

The summers in Jinan tend to be very hot, whilst the winters in this city are very cold. Accordingly, the peak season for travel here is springtime, with autumn coming a close second. These tend to be the best times for enjoying the temperate weather and for getting out and about to see the sights of the city. However because of this, flights during these peak seasons are usually more expensive. Keep your eyes peeled for cheap last minute deals during the peak seasons, or opt to travel off-peak to ensure that you pay less for your flight to Jinan. If you want to experience some authentic Chinese festivities, then why not visit the city during Chinese New Year?

Why visit Jinan?

Some of the main sights to explore in Jinan are its springs and waterways, indeed this city is known as the 'City of Springs'. These springs converge in the beautiful Danin Lake. Spend some time strolling beside these peaceful waterways, and make sure to check out the shimmering Blue Dragon Pool. There are also plenty of historic Buddhist sites in the city, perhaps the most famous of which is the Four Gates Pagoda. The Shandong Provincial Museum, situated in a stunning mountain foothill, is the province's largest museum and contains lots of historical artefacts as well as natural treasures.

Getting around Jinan

There is a good bus network in Jinan, made up of both urban and inter city buses. The city also has two rail stations for travel further afield. If you want to take advantage of the locals' knowledge, then it is a good idea to hop on to one of Jinan's specialised tour buses, which will take you around all of the main areas of interest. Hiring a car is possible in Jinan, especially if you want to explore surrounding areas. However, the public transport network is very reliable, with fast bullet trains on hand to connect you to other major cities nearby. If you are travelling in the mountains, then most of your exploring will be done on foot with a guide.

Getting from the Airport to Jinan

Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (TNA) is situated about 20.5 miles (33 km) to the north of the city centre. This quirky airport is shaped like a huge flying roc (a type of bird). You can take an airport shuttle after your flight either to the railway station in the town centre or to selected hotels. These shuttle buses are conveniently timed to coincide with flight arrival times. You can also take a taxi, or hire a car if you prefer. If you find the taxi fare a little expensive, then why not team up with other travellers who are going the same way as you so you can split the bill several ways? Agree on the fare with the driver or taxi company before departing for peace of mind.

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