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When is the best time to fly to Fairbanks?

Late April through August are the best months to visit Fairbanks. A constant flurry of activities and events come over Fairbanks during this period, and the Northern Lights can be seen, too. Winter temperatures have a tendency to drop to around -45 to -51 degrees Celsius, but for those who don’t mind the chilling weather, cheap flights to Fairbanks are likely to be found.

Fairbanks overview

Fairbanks is the third largest metropolitan area in Alaska, and there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the scenery that is so uniquely Alaska. Also known as the “Golden Heart City,” Fairbanks welcomes visitors with picturesque backdrops, the most stunning of which may be the incredible natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are one of the most popular attractions in Fairbanks, best viewed between the months of April and August. During this natural lightshow, the night sky glows with brilliant streaks of green and purple, a sight unlike anything else found in the natural world. The outdoors has plenty more to offer visitors to Fairbanks, too. Active travellers can enjoy mountain biking, fishing, camping and rafting in the area.

The traditions of the region are also on full display, too, and adventurous visitors can even learn to travel in true Alaskan fashion during a full teamed dog sled experience. Both rides and hands-on driving experiences are available, and these dog sleds make for a uniquely local way – not to mention exhilarating – way to experience the local landscape. Annual sculpture contests, hands-on gold mining experiences and local hot springs are a few more ways visitors can tap into the local heritage of Fairbanks during their stay.

Other popular activities while visiting one of the last great frontiers of the U.S. include riverboat tours, golfing and kayaking. Without a doubt, Fairbanks is an extraordinary place to explore the best Alaska has to offer.

Getting around Fairbanks

When it comes to getting around Fairbanks, hiring a car is often the most convenient mode of transportation. It allows travellers the freedom and flexibility to see all that Fairbanks has to offer. Limited bus service is available in the city, but infrequent buses can add a layer of inconvenience. Taxis can also be arranged in Fairbanks by phone.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) is the closest major airport serving the city and is located less than six miles (9km) from the centre of Fairbanks. The local bus system connects to the airport, though it is not the most convenient option. Shuttles and taxis are a better way to get from the airport into the city. Hire cars are also available at the airport through a number of companies.

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