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India overview

A land of contrasts, India can make you laugh, sing and cry, all in a day. Splendid medieval palaces and sacred rivers coexist alongside poverty and slums. The cacophony of honking horns, tinny cow bells and the chaotic crowded cities can, at first, be quite confronting to visitors, but embrace it as part of the adventure that is India.

There's no better or brasher introduction to the country than Mumbai, the arrival point of most flights to India, and the country's commerce and entertainment capital. The home of Bollywood combines bustling city life and vibrant nightlife with enough places to relax before you head off to explore the rest of the country. After touring the churches and antiques shops of Cochin, in the south, you can drive to Kerala's backwaters and stay on a houseboat. From Mumbai, you can take a flight to Delhi and explore the northern part of the country. Don't miss the unforgettable sights of the "Golden Triangle": Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. For a sacred experience, fly to the ancient city of Varanasi and walk along the ghats (steps) to holy temples and terraces.

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