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Suva experiences warm temperatures and rain throughout the year, with only slight seasonal variations. Although the city is a year-round flight destination, some months are more popular in terms of tourism due to less rain.

The warmest months are December through April, where temperatures are on average in the mid to high 20s. Temperatures can reach scorching highs of up to 37 degrees so make sure you pack lots of sun protection if you are booking flights to Suva during this time. These months are the wettest, with the large majority of days seeing rain and also the most humid. Tropical storms may occur in the city from December to mid-April. These weather conditions are off putting to most tourists which in turn make this a good time to look for cheap flights and travel deals. However, the festive period, from December to January, can become quite busy with Australians, New Zealanders and Fijian travellers.

The best time to book flights to Suva is during the cooler, drier months of June to October. Temperatures are still warm, on average between 20 and 27 degrees but it should be noted that it can still rise to around 32 degrees. Although there is less rainfall during these months, Suva still experiences heavy, brief showers. There is also less humidity and a lower cyclone risk. This more comfortable climate is appealing to tourists, especially those planning their trip around the great outdoors, such as, the beautiful beaches and countryside. The popularity of this time can make flights to Suva and accommodation prices rise, so you should look at booking in advance. June and July are particularly popular, whereas you may be able to find a better deal at the end of this season, around September and October.

Other busy times in Suva include Fijian school holidays which are around April to mid-May, mid-August to early September and December to late January and times surrounding well-attended festivals. The Diwali Festival, which takes place from October to early November, sees the city become very busy. Join the Indian communities throughout Fiji to celebrate this Hindu Festival of Light and see spectacular firework displays and try delicious homemade Indian sweets. If you plan on booking flights to Suva over New Year’s Eve, be sure to celebrate in true Fijian-style at the Annual Fiji Street Party.

Why visit

Set in a tropical paradise with inviting beaches and glorious countryside all around, Suva is a bustling national capital with all of the conveniences and attractions that a city needs, without being overwhelming.

The city itself is full of surprises, from the vibrant fruit and vegetables market (which also sells superb Fijian handicrafts), to the Fiji Museum, which tells the national story and has gathered together an engaging collection of items from across the Pacific region. Visitors can also catch a rugby match - a very popular sport in Fiji, and there are all of the cinemas and shops that you would expect from a major city.

Another great thing about the city is its multicultural roots. Many of the local people descend from Indian migrants who arrived in the 19th century, bringing with them their food culture. This means that the city is dotted with excellent Indian restaurants.

However, most people who fly to Suva will want to get out and see the country of Fiji in all of its beauty. Rent a car and make the easy journey down the coast to the town of Nadi which offers plenty of beaches and places to relax in the tropical sun. The more adventurous will also want to visit Pacific Harbour, a resort which specializes in activities like scuba diving, has a wonderful man-made beach and an excellent golf course as well.

Eco-tours of Fiji's highlands can also be arranged from Suva and make for a fascinating window into local culture. Head up to sites like Nalesutale to visit the thermal springs, try horse riding, visit local temples and take guided treks through pristine rainforests.

Hiking is another great attraction of Fiji's highlands, and Suva is the ideal base for a walking holiday like no other. Take a trip to the Colo-i-Suva reserve where you can hike to scenic waterfalls and pass by local villages in the glorious Fijian weather.

Getting around Suva

Taxis are extremely cheap and plentiful, and as long as you work out a fare before travelling, they will be the best way to navigate the streets of Suva. However, buses are also available (and even cheaper). Renting a car provides better access to the coast, as the best beaches are around 45 minutes from the capital by road.

Getting downtown from the airport

Flights land at Nausori International Airport which is located 23 km from Fiji’s capital city, Suva. There are specialist shuttle coach services which take visitors directly from the airport to the city centre, but book ahead and check to see if your hotel offers a separate (free) service. Taxis will be available, but be sure to negotiate a price before travelling, and car rental is also a good option, but driving experience is essential.

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$ 17.98
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$ 13
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$ 1
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$ 1

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