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When is the best time to fly to Olbia?

As a Mediterranean destination, Olbia enjoys fine weather for most of the year, on average between 11-22°C. 

Temperatures however, are really at their hottest in July and August, generally in the range of 18-31°C and there is less rainfall. This is also when flights to Olbia and accommodation rates are at their highest, so it is therefore, advisable to book in advance in order to get the best deal.

Try booking a flight to Olbia in May or October for cheaper accommodation, fine weather for outdoor activities and great conditions for beach lovers as well. Temperatures during these months are generally around 11-23°C. May is also festival season in the city, when visitors can see spectacular horse races through the city centre and enjoy a vibrant celebratory atmosphere.

The months of November to April experience a slight increase in rain and a decrease in temperatures. The wettest month is December and the coldest month is January, when temperatures are in the region of 5-15°C. These months can reward tourists with cheap flights to Olbia and lower hotel rates.

Olbia overview

The charming port of Olbia is one of Italy's finest cities for food lovers and lies close to some superb Sardinian beaches as well as the natural beauty of the Maddalena Islands.

The Costa Smeralda, which stretches past Olbia is stunning, and visitors will easily stumble across idyllic secluded bays like the beach at San Pantaleo - a short drive from the centre of town. There are also many diving centres on the northern coast of Sardinia and if you take a flight to Olbia, you can explore the sight of many shipwrecks with expert assistance.

Back on land the town has much to offer. Visit the elegant Basilica of San Simplicio, learn about the city's thousands of years of history at the Archaeological Museum or head out into Sardinia's rolling countryside. Drive to medieval walled cities like Alghero or all the way to Cagliari, a bustling modern city with a raucous nightlife.

Foodies who take flights to Olbia won’t be disappointed as Sardinia is a world-famous culinary destination. In Olbia, visitors can take Italian cooking classes with expert chefs, and visit superb restaurants like the Ristorante Gallura. End a day of sight-seeing with a meal and wine in one of the city's numerous trattoria and dine on specialities like octopus, squid and lobster - or go for a home-cooked pasta extravaganza. There are few gastronomic destinations like Sardinia, and Olbia is right at the heart of the island's food culture.

The city is also close to some gorgeous natural sights that visitors will not want to miss. Take a boat cruise to the Maddalena Islands, see Garibaldi's home on Caprera or head inland to see the island's enigmatic ancient "nuragic" monuments. Join mountain bike tours or hike to secluded waterfalls for a once-in-a-lifetime Sardinian picnic, before relaxing back in Olbia with a glass of local red wine.

Getting around Olbia

Renting a car is an excellent way to see the whole of Sardinia, but inexperienced drivers should be aware that local drivers can be quite aggressive. If you hold your own, you should be fine though. Buses leave from the centre of town to major cities and destinations on the Costa Smeralda, but the city itself is small and easy to see by foot.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB) is the main gateway to the popular Costa Smeralda, so it can be busy during peak holiday times (June through to late August). If you are travelling then, be sure to book your taxi, shuttle bus or rental car in advance to smooth your passage from the airport to your accommodation

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