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When to fly

The summer season, March to May, can see temperatures soar to 45 degrees on some days, making sightseeing practically unbearable. April and May in particular are the hottest months of the year. If you find cheap flights to Hyderabad during this period and you are planning to spend most of your time outdoors, bear in mind that the weather will be extremely hot.

June through September is the monsoon season which is characterised by heavy rains and strong winds. Temperatures can vary from 24 to 29 degrees, and even hotter some days, which combined with the rain, raises humidity levels. As a result, these months are considered the off-season giving bargain hunters the chance to snap up some cheap flights to Hyderabad, however, the evenings can be pleasant and if rain and humidity doesn’t faze you, this can be a great time to have a holiday in the city.

Why visit

It is little wonder that this magnificent place is known as India's City of Pearls. Long regarded as a hotbed of innovation and prosperity, the city's current status as the hi-tech centre of India, exemplified by a sparkling financial district, blends seamlessly with the architectural gems of the past. The Old City is a visual feast of ornate tombs, enchanting palaces, centuries-old temples and mosques.

While the city of Agra has the Taj Mahal, Hyderabad is home to the Charminar. Its name translating literally into English as Four Towers, the Charminar monument and mosque is the definitive symbol of the city and is one of India's most recognisable structures. A magnificent view of the city awaits anyone who stands atop one of the four minarets. Elsewhere, other architectural masterpieces are in abundance. The Golconda Fort is a truly spectacular ancient fortification, its immense size covering an area of 10 km. A light and sound show is held within the ruins every evening, while the area around the fort is a delightful hotchpotch of small shops selling all manner of goods.

Away from the historic legacy of the Old City, the west side is home to India's software industry and is where Microsoft have their Indian base. The sleek, modern buildings of this area are in complete contrast to the ancient wonders of the Old City but provide a veritable plethora of fine-dining restaurants and chic lounge bars within which many an enjoyable evening can be spent. Indeed, those looking for more modern attractions in this fine city are never disappointed. The Nehru Zoological Park is home to a number of fascinating animal species, while culture lovers are sure to want to visit the many museums and galleries located here, such as the AP State Museum and the State Gallery of Art.

Hyderabad climate

Hyderabad has a tropical wet and dry climate. The winter season, October to February is considered the ideal time to find cheap flights and visit the city, when the temperature is cooler than summer and there is less rain. During this period, the average temperature remains at a comfortable level, dropping to an average minimum of 14 degrees Celsius and reaching an average maximum of 30 degrees. This period is considered the best time for tourists to take a flight to Hyderabad and make the most out of their trip, such as visiting monuments and taking part in city tours. Another reason to visit during the winter season is to experience the celebration of the ‘Festival of Lights’, Diwali. This event takes place during October or November, depending on the lunar calendar and sees the city glimmering with lights and firecrackers. Another spectacular scene is the Kite Festival, taking place in January. During this festival you will see the sky filled with colourful kites and can attend a number of kite-related events.

Getting around Hyderabad

In the city itself, buses are the most common form of transport and are perhaps the most popular way of getting around. There are also a number of auto-rickshaws available but always try to get one that is metered, as you may otherwise be over-charged.

Getting downtown from the airport

Flights to Hyderabad are served by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. This is one of the highest-rated airports in India in terms of service and quality. It is located approximately 22 km away and a regular air-conditioned bus service runs passengers between the airport and the city centre.

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Petrol (1 litre)
$ 1.48
1 km taxi journey
$ 0.20
Taxi - fixed fee
$ 1.02
One-way ticket (local transport)
$ 0.41
1 litre of milk
$ 0.93
Large bottle of water
$ 0.59
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$ 3.06
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Pair of Nike shoes
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Imported beer (0.33 litre)
$ 3
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
$ 2
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
$ 2
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
$ 3

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