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The blue lagoons and mountain backdrop of its islands make Fiji synonymous with Paradise for many sun-loving travellers. On arriving from a Fiji flight, holidaymakers encounter miles of white-sand beaches bordered by coconut palm trees, blue lagoons that stretch out as far as the eye can see, and colourful reefs that feed any scuba-divers soul. Fiji has a tropical climate, which makes it an excellent year-round destination, especially appealing when the weather is cold here in the UK.

Fiji is made up of 322 islands and is one of the more developed economies of the Pacific islands. The country is highly dependent on tourism for revenue, but unlike some other high-tourist islands, Fiji caters to all budgets. Travellers can book Fiji flights and hotels that range from deluxe five-star resorts to no-frills-added hostels catering to the backpacking generation. But at any type of hotel, the charm of Fiji is the same: a calm and laidback atmosphere, friendly people and an esoteric culture that combines influences from Polynesia, Micronesia, China and Europe.

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