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Cheap Flights to Europe

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Europe overview

In terms of land area, Europe may be the second-smallest continent but the 50 or so European countries offer an extraordinary diversity, from Russia in the north to Greece and the Mediterranean Greece in the south, west to the Azores and east to the border of Asia. 

The prosperous and stable old-guard nations of Western Europe have long been popular travel destinations, while more recent members of the EU club from the former communist Central and Eastern European states are welcoming visitors to less-travelled and familiar cities, beaches and ski resorts.

Europe's jewel-like capitals have a captivating charm, with unique cultural, architectural and historic characters and sites. Romantic Paris is renowned as the beautiful City of Lights; stately Vienna was the centre of the Habsburg Empire for more than 600 years; stunning spire-dotted Prague is a gem of art and architecture, while medieval Krakow was once Poland's capital and seat of kings.

Travellers booking flights to Europe have a wealth of holiday itineraries from which to choose: Touring Ireland's Burren limestone plateau, seeing the Northern Lights in Sweden or Norway and exploring the French villages in Provence to skiing in the Swiss Alps or relaxing on a beach in the Greek islands.

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