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Majorca overview

Flights to Majorca are always popular with holidaymakers, Majorca (also spelled Mallorca) being the biggest of the Balearic Islands. With an excellent climate and a string of beaches it is visited year-round by sun lovers and those looking for a bit of self-indulgence on vacation.

You will find that most cheap flights to Majorca arrive in Palma and many visitors never make it past the island’s capital. With spectacular sightseeing including an impressive Gothic cathedral, stunning beaches and of course excellent nightlife, it’s not hard to see why.

Take a cheap flight to Majorca (Palma de Majorca) and see a city that has been variously occupied by the Roman and Byzantine Empires, was colonized by the Moors and finally came under the control of the Spanish in 1929. More recently, it has been invaded by hordes of vacationers looking to enjoy the rich historic town in a stunning location.

Catch a flight to Majorca and explore the rest of the island. The south coast is peppered with the most popular resorts for singles and young people, a place where you’re sure to find a party every night. Pollensa, on the north, is a popular destination for luxury yachts. Though you’re unlikely to find accommodation in the interior of the island, a drive through the middle, even if only on a transfer once you get off a Majorca flight, will afford you views of stunning scenery and olive groves.

Majorca climate

Majorca has an ideal climate. It's typically Mediterranean, warm with not much rain. The average annual temperature ranges between 16 and 18 degrees. During the summer months, temperatures can range between 29 and 31 degrees. Rainfall varies according to which part of the island you are on - there is more in the highlands and less in the south. Autumn is the rainiest season, almost half of the annual rainfall occurs between September and November.

Majorca insider information

  • Though less popular or renowned than Ibiza, Majorca is still a clubber's paradise. For the biggest names, stick to Palma and don't miss the famous (or should that be infamous) Pacha, a club built into the side of a cliff.
  • There is a seemingly infinite number of picture-perfect beaches on this island. One of the most popular with sunlovers is Cala Sa Nua in the Felanitx area. It's on an inlet from the sea, so the water is very calm, but the beach itself is quite busy and its white sands often crowded. Visit off-season if you want to see it in peace.
  • For a day away from the beach, visit the Dragon Caves, a huge underground lake. It's easy to book a tour from any of the hotels. Music concerts are sometimes held in the caves.
  • Dedicate at least a day to exploring Palma de Majorca. The winding streets throw up many interesting sights, such as the Gothic cathedral and a Muslim castle. Art lovers shouldn't miss the Joan Miro museum in the rooms of the house in which he lived. More than 100 works of art, which were in the house when he died there, are now on show.
  • The mountain range running along the length of the West coast makes a spectacular backdrop to the coast. Go for a drive to see the olive and almond groves and old-fashioned windmills spotted on the hills.
  • Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) is located 8km (5 miles) east of Palma.

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