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Flights to Kabul in 2021

Flight route prices based on searches on Cheapflights within the last 3 days, monthly prices based on aggregated historical data.
Popular inDecemberHigh demand for flights, 5% potential price rise
Cheapest inMarchBest time to find cheap flights, 2% potential price drop
Average price$1,742Average for return flights in October 2021

Can I fly to Kabul Khwaja Rawash from Australia right now?

Information is based on travel restrictions from Australia to Kabul Khwaja Rawash

Most visitors from Australia need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter Kabul Khwaja Rawash.

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from Australia must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 96 hours before departing to Kabul Khwaja Rawash.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from Australia are not required to quarantine after entering Kabul Khwaja Rawash.

Can I fly back to Australia from Kabul Khwaja Rawash?

Returning to Australia from Kabul Khwaja Rawash

COVID-19 testing requirements
Visitors from Kabul Khwaja Rawash must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 72 hours before departing to Australia.

Quarantine requirements
Visitors from Kabul Khwaja Rawash are not required to quarantine after entering Australia.

Cheapest prices for Kabul flights by month

The cheapest ticket to Kabul found for each month in 2021 based on historical flight searches by Cheapflights users.

























Currently, the cheapest month for flights to Kabul Khwaja Rawash is October. The most expensive month for flights is December. The cheapest prices are shown above but prices will vary according to departure times, airlines, class and how early you book.

When is the best time to fly to Khwaja Rawash Airport?

Average Kabul flight ticket prices and weather conditions for 2021 and 2022 by month



$1,436 - $2,622



-1 - 25 °C



0 - 70 mm

March is typically the best time to fly to Kabul, but there are other times where great deals are available. If weather is an important factor for you when considering when to fly to Kabul, the warmest period tends to be July, with the wettest being March.

When is the best time to book a flight to Kabul?

To ensure you get the cheapest price possible for a flight to Kabul, you should look to book at least 57 days in advance of your intended travel date. The price of your flight may increase if you delay and leave booking until a week or so before departure.

Which day is cheapest to fly to Kabul?

Tuesday is currently, on average, the cheapest day to fly to Kabul. Flying on Sunday will result in higher flight prices.

What time of day is cheapest to fly to Kabul?

To get the best value, try booking a flight in the morning when visiting Kabul. Generally the prices will increase for flights in the afternoon as these tend to have higher demand.

How long is the flight to Kabul?

Flight times from Australia to Kabul, Afghanistan vary by the city you’re traveling from, as well as if you require connecting flights. In general, it takes 14h 41m to get from Sydney to Kabul, arriving at the Hamid Karzai International Airport; from Melbourne to Kabul takes slightly less time, averaging around 14h 25m. The shortest flight from an Australian city to Kabul can be found in Perth; it takes 13h 16 minutes, on average. Most flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth require two to three connections, which will add more travel time. Delays and connections can always tack on extra travel time, so it’s always a good idea to anticipate longer travel times.

Where can you get direct flights to Kabul from?

Kabul is not a city with direct flight options from any Australian city. The major airlines offering Kabul flight deals include Qantas, Emirates Airlines, FlyDubai, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Spicejet and Air India, as well as IndiGo, Kam Air, Jetstar, Air Asia, Malindo Air, and Malaysia Airlines. Common stop-over cities include Kuala Lampur, New Delhi, Dubai, and Singapore.

How do you get from the Hamid Karzai International Airport to the city centre?

The Hamid Karzai International Airport is roughly 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) from the heart of downtown Kabul. The airport has undergone a wealth of upgrades and expansions over the years, including the creation of a new international terminal with free WiFi to make travel easier. Travellers can make arrangements for car services before their departure dates; taxis are also available in Parking C. It’s about a three-minute walk from the terminal to Parking C and a shuttle is available for added convenience.

What are some things to do in Kabul?

Kabul is a vibrant and ancient city, rich in temples, ruins, and artefacts. From the Darul Aman Palace and the Tamini Fortress to the National Museum of Afghanistan, Babar Gardens and the Kabul Zoo, there’s always something to see. Wazir Akbar Hill, home to the giant Afghan flag that’s visible throughout the city, features street art, eateries and a public pool. Shah-Do Shamshira Mosque is one of the most photogenic houses of worship in the city, especially as the sun sets. More adventurous travellers can see the most breathtaking vistas from the Kabul Look Out, a local favourite, as well as the Kabul Wall; the latter requires a little hiking from Babar Gardens, but the panoramic view of the entire city makes it well worth the effort. Outside the city, the Paghman and Qargha dams are popular swimming and boating destinations, popular with families and tourists alike.

Within the city limits, Ghazi National Stadium hosts football matches almost daily. The Kabul Bird Market features some of the city’s most exciting outdoor shopping; just about everything is for sale within the market, including fresh-made street food, spices, meats, and birds, popular throughout the country as pets.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Kabul?

You need a visa to travel to Afghanistan; since 2015, visas are available upon arrival, but it’s best to do this before you travel, either at an Embassy or Consulate. Tourist visas are for a maximum of 30 days.

What airport do you fly into for flights to Kabul?

Kabul Khwaja Rawash (KBL), located 5.6 km from the city centre, is the airport you fly into when you book flights to Kabul.