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As you kick your feet through the warm white sand, a school of colourful fish skim past while dolphins greet you on your way out of the water. In the distance a hammock sways in the wind, patiently awaiting your return. The sun warms you while the cool breeze invigorates you. At that moment, time stands still. This is just another day in paradise – in the Maldives.

Located close to Sri Lanka and the south of India, this tiny group of atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean has been attracting travellers, particularly honeymooners, to book flights to the Maldives in search of a perfect escape. Luxury resorts on each island offering the highest standards of accommodation, pampering to make you feel like a king, and some of the best diving in the world.

Beyond getting some serious relaxation while visiting, most activities are centred around the turquoise blue sea. Eco friendly tourists taking flights to the Maldives will find untouched coral reefs and ship wrecks to explore. And besides the spectacular diving, whale and dolphin watching, surfing and fishing are all great activities. But if you find yourself itching for some city life, Male, the capital has plenty to keep you busy.

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