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Arriving on cheap flights to Cuba visitors quickly get the impression of having stepped back in time. The American embargo of Cuba, which prevents not only trade with the United States but also most Americans from visiting, has created a unique setting. The most obvious manifestation of this is the predominance of 1950s-vintage American cars that arrived before the embargo. Also known as Yank tanks, these huge vehicles have been maintained through the years and of the more than 50,000 still going, many are used as taxi vehicles.

Many flights to Cuba arrive in Havana, the Cuban capital. A large and bustling city that is not only the cultural, but also centre of the country, most visitors are well served by seeking out the area known as Old Havana. From a stroll along the picturesque Malecon, which runs along the city's north shore, to the Plaza de Armas square and San Cristobal cathedral, all provide a picturesque backdrop for your holiday snaps.

Of course there is more to Cuba than Havana. This Caribbean island was once home to Ernest Hemingway, who, in his heyday, knew a thing or two about living life to the full. Hemingway still looms large throughout Cuba and countless tours offer various excursions tracing the writer's time on the island.

As this is the Caribbean, no visit should pass without hitting one of the beaches. The Varadero resort town, east of Havana, boasts one of the most popular. And although it is not necessarily wise to do so from a health perspective, the local cigars and rum have a worldwide reputation.

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