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Jetstar Airways is an Australian low-cost carrier and a subsidiary of Qantas, which was founded in 2003. Jetstar is based in Melbourne and has over 70 aircraft servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region, including Hawaii. Qantas owns a 100% stake in the airline, as well as lesser stakes in other Jetstar-branded airlines through the Asia-Pacific region. In 2014 Jetstar was voted ‘Best Low Cost Airline’ in the Australia-Pacific region at the Skytrax Awards.

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What are the Jetstar Check-In Options?
What are the Jetstar Baggage Allowance Limits and Fees?
What Additional Fees Does Jetstar Charge?
Which Routes does Jetstar Fly?
What Amenities does Jetstar Offer?
How do I Contact Jetstar Customer Service?


What are the Jetstar Check-In Options?

Mobile Boarding Passes
Flying with Children
Seating for Kids
Unaccompanied Children
Flying while Pregnant
Senior Fares
Group Bookings
Disabled Access
Travelling with Wheelchairs
Guide Dogs

Mobile Boarding Passes & Priority Boarding

You can check in online for international and domestic flights using the Jetstar online portal, by entering your booking details ahead of your flight. You can choose to receive your boarding pass via SMS or email.

Mobile boarding passes can be used on all domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand and selected flights out of Singapore. For all other flights a printed boarding pass is needed.

Ensure you check in at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Note that slight differences apply in terms of when you should arrive at the airport. These depend on the aircraft type, but domestic check-in normally opens 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time, while international flight check-in normally opens 3 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.

Business class passengers are also entitled to priority boarding.

Flying with Children

Infants (under 2 years) travel free if they do not occupy a seat on domestic and Trans-Tasman flights, although your may purchase a seat for your infant for extra comfort. The seat will be charged at full price.

Seating for Babies and Children

Any guest over 2 years of age, who is not yet 12 years of age, is classed as a child and must occupy a seat with their own ticket.

Jetstar allows you to request bassinets for infants during the booking process. If you would like to request a bassinet for an international flight (only applicable on flights operated by Airbus A330 aircraft or Boeing 787** aircraft) or an anchor strap for an infant car seat (subject to availability), you can request one by calling Jetstar Reservations on 131 538.

Unaccompanied Children

Children under the age of 12 years cannot travel alone and need to fly with an accompanying passenger aged 15 years or older. After booking your child’s flight, one of the following forms of identification must be presented at check-in prior to departure:

  • Proof of age, such a passport or birth certificate
  • School ID card from a secondary school (can be from a previous year and may be expired)
  • Letter from the secondary school on school letterhead stating the year and confirming current attendance or enrolment in current secondary school (including enrolment in secondary school for the coming year after graduation from primary school).

Arriving without the requisite ID will result in the child not being able to fly.

Flying While Pregnant

Jetstar has a policy specifying the latest stage that pregnant women can take flights. To travel after the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to carry a certificate or letter from a registered medical practitioner or registered midwife confirming:

  • the estimated date of delivery
  • whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy; and
  • that there are no complications with the pregnancy

A medical certificate is required for any pregnancy with expected complications. On flights of 4 hours or more, expectant mothers can travel up to the end of the:

  • 36th week of the pregnancy for single pregnancies.
  • 32nd week for multiple pregnancies.

On flights of less than 4 hours, and if there are no complications with the pregnancy, expectant mothers can travel up to the end of the:

  • 40th week of the pregnancy for single pregnancies
  • 36th week for multiple pregnancies.

Note that some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. Check with the relevant embassy or consulate before you travel to confirm any further limitations.

Senior Fares

Jetstar does not offer special senior fares at this time.

Group Bookings

If you are planning to fly with a group and wish to be seated together, you can arrange bookings for 10 or more people by requesting a quote through the Jetstar group booking form. Benefits of group booking include:

  • Unlimited name changes at no additional cost
  • Standard seat selection
  • Waived booking and service fees
  • 20kg of checked-baggage per person, plus carry-on baggage
  • Share baggage allowance among passengers

  • Dedicated support – Assistance with your booking
  • Flexible payment (deposit followed by full payment)

Disabled Access

Jetstar has developed a Disability Access Facilitation Plan for customers requiring specific assistance at Australian airports or on Australian domestic flights. Jetstar’s Disability Access Facilitation Plan

Travelling with Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs/mobility aids are carried free of charge when required for the personal use of a guest who is travelling. Due to restrictions in aircraft hold space, there is a limit on the amount of electric wheelchairs/mobility aids permitted per flight. The maximum amount and dimensions of electric wheelchairs/mobility aids are:

  • Q300 aircraft – 1.3m (height) x 0.85m (width) x 1.15m (length)
  • A320/A321 aircraft – 1m (height) x 1.4m (width) x 1.4m (length)
  • A330/787 aircraft – 1.6m (height) x 1.5m (width) x 1.5m (length)

Flying with Guide Dogs

Certified and registered guide/hearing dogs are welcome on board Jetstar flights when accompanying a guest who has a vision or hearing impairment, provided that the dog the owner has their ID medallion or documentation, and the dog has been accredited by an approved training association. A Jetstar approval letter is also acceptable.

Note that you must inform Jetstar at the time of booking if you plan to fly with your guide dog. Your guide dog’s information will then be on your itinerary.


Jetstar does not accept dogs or cats for pet travel on domestic or international flights. Please organise your pets to travel on Qantas Freight or through Jetpets.

What are the Jetstar Baggage Allowance Limits and Fees?

Jetstar Hand Luggage Size
Jetstar Checked Luggage Size
Baggage Charges at the Airport
Musical and Sport Equipment

Jetstar Hand Luggage Size

Jetstar permits passengers to bring one main item and one small item as carry-on baggage within the weight and size limits specified below:

  •  Economy: 7kg
  •  Business: 14kg
  •  Maximum dimension: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • Suit pack: 114cm x 60cm x 11cm

Each piece of luggage must be able to fit under the seat in front of you, or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft.

Note that if you plan to bring any liquids into the cabin, you can do so as long as they are stored in containers no bigger than 100ml and are carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bags with maximum dimensions of 20 x 20cm. Each passenger can carry a maximum of 1000ml (e.g. 10 x 100ml).

Jetstar Checked Luggage Size

Jetstar previously had a policy that if you plan to bring more than just your carry-on bags on a Economy Starer Plus ticket, you would need to pay for checked baggage. The policy was changed in July 2015, to automatically grant all passengers a larger automatic weight allowance, which differs slightly depending on your fare type:

Fare Type Luggage Allowance
Economy Starer Plus 1 x 20kg
Economy Starer Max 1 x 30kg
Business 1 x 30kg

Additional luggage allowances (30kg for Economy Starter Plus, and 10kg for the other classes) can be purchased on the Jetstar Manage my Booking page prior to your flight.

Your baggage allowance is given by combined weight, not by number of bags, so as long as your bags have a combined weight within your allowance, you can bring as many as you like.

Note that each piece of baggage may not exceed a total weight 32kg.

Baggage Charges at the Airport

If you haven’t added checked baggage to your booking and arrive at the airport with checked baggage, you will be charged for the first 15kg of extra baggage allowance per passenger, and then for every additional kilo after that at the per kilo rate. Click here for a full overview of fees for Jetstar extra baggage listed in local currencies.

Note that if you have added checked baggage to your booking but arrive with more than your allowance, you will also be charged for excess baggage, which is again charged per kilo.

Musical and Sports Equipment

Musical instruments are allowed on-board as cabin baggage providing that the instrument, including its case, doesn’t exceed the max dimensions:

  • Max dimension: 85cm x 36cm x 23cm

This could include:

  • Violas
  • Piccolos
  • Flutes
  • Clarinets
  • Bugles
  • Mandolin
  • Trumpets

Cellos can also be taken in to the cabin but you will need to buy an extra seat. Instruments that exceed these requirements must be checked in and will form part of your checked baggage allowance.

Each item of sporting equipment represents one piece of checked baggage allowance. Note that Jetstar aircraft have different size restrictions:

  • Domestic and short-haul international Q300, A320 or A321 Aircraft: 1.9 meters
  • International long haul A330 Aircraft and 787 aircraft: 2.77 meters

Surfboards must be packaged in a protective covering designed for the equipment. Where possible, you need to remove the fins and store them in an enclosed compartment inside the bag or tape them to the board.

The combined weight of your bulky items and baggage must be within your baggage allowance. No single item can weigh more than 32kg.

What Additional Fees Does Jetstar Charge?

Booking Fees
Flight Change Fees
Flight Cancellation Policy
Travel Insurance

 Booking Fees

All new bookings made by Paypal, credit card or debit card will incur a $8.50 – $12.50 per person administration fee. The booking fee is waived if payment is made in Australian dollars using Jetstar MasterCard, Jetstar Platinum MasterCard, Jetstar Vouchers, POLi and Direct Deposit (Direct Deposit is available up to 14 days prior to departure only). This is applicable each time the passenger also makes a change or cancels their booking.

Flight Change Fees

A flight change fee will apply if you plan to alter your departure date or time (per passenger, per flight) on Australian and New Zealand domestic flights:

  • $50 plus and fare difference if done online
  • $80 if done via telephone or at the airport

Note that for international flights and on other Jetstar Group airlines, different fees apply. Click here to access a full overview of applicable fees. Flight time and date change fees stated above do not apply for business class tickets, if made within the permitted change deadline.

Flight Cancellation Policy

Should your flight be cancelled, or Jetstar makes a significant change to the scheduled departure time of your flight (except where this is due to circumstances out of their control), the airline will give you a refund but will not pay any costs or expenses incurred as a result of the changed time or cancellation if:

  • this change means you are unable to use your booking for its intended purpose, and
  • the airline agents cannot book you on another flight which you are prepared to accept.

Travel Insurance

Jetstar offers a range of travel insurance products via AIG, including cover for:

  • mature age travellers
  • international travellers
  • domestic travellers

The different plans may include benefits such as covering the costs associated with Jetstar booking cancellation fees, additional accommodation and meal expenses, special events, missed connections, hijack and kidnap, home help etc. Click here for more details about domestic insurance.

Which Routes Does Jetstar Fly?

Jetstar flies throughout Australia, New Zealand the Asia-Pacific region, including Hawaii.

Cook Islands
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Hawaii (USA)


Australian Capital Territory

  • Canberra

New South Wales

  • Byron Bay
  • Newcastle
  • Sydney
  • Northern Territory
  • Darwin
  • Ayers Rock (Uluru)


  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Gold Coast
  • Hamilton Island
  • Hayman Island
  • Mackay
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Townsville
  • Whitsunday Coast

South Australia

  • Adelaide


  • Hobart
  • Launceston


  • Melbourne

Western Australia

  • Perth


Phnom Penh
Siem Reap



Cook Islands


Hong Kong

Hong Kong




Okinawa (Naha)




Kuala Lumpur



New Zealand

New Plymouth
Palmerston North









Hawaii (USA)



Buon Ma Thuot
Chu Lai
Da Lat
Da Nang
Dong Hoi
Hai Phong
Ho Chi Minh City
Nha Trang
Phu Quoc
Quy Nhon
Thanh Hoa
Tuy Hoa


What Amenities Does Jetstar Offer?

General Amenities
In-Flight Entertainment
Frequent Flyers

General Amenities

You can add extras, such as baggage, seat selection and meals to your Starter fare at the time of booking or via the Manage my Booking page. Jetstar also offers Plus and Max bundles: The Plus bundle gives you a checked baggage allowance, time or date changes, seat selection, and the option of earning Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Status Credits.

In-Flight Entertainment

Headsets and equipment, on which you can watch a selection of movies and TV programs, can be rented on Jetstar’s domestic and international flights that are longer than 90 minutes.


In-flight meals and drinks are available for purchase. When you book your flight you will have the option of pre-purchasing an in-flight meal or snack. Western, regional and vegetarian meals can be added at via the Manage my Booking page.


Jetstar economy seats come with an adjustable headrest, a 28in/71cm seat pitch on the A320 aircraft, 29in/74cm seat pitch on the A321 and 31in/79cm on the A330. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner comes with at least 14 inches of legroom. The Q300 comes with a seat pitch of 32 inches. If you prefer to choose a window seat, aisle seat or one with extra room, you can view prices and purchase a seat selection via the Manage my Booking page.

Frequent Flyers

If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, you could earn Qantas Points when you fly on eligible fares with Jetstar. Depending on the class of membership, you may obtain:

  • seating preferences on the plane for free (subject to availability)
  • priority telephone service and check-in at the airport
  • extra checked luggage allowances
  • member-only lounge access

Silver,Gold and Platinum members obtain further benefits. Click here for membership details and a link to the Qantas sign-up page.

Lounges (for members of the Qantas frequent flyer program)

Almost all lounges have TV and free newspapers and magazines, wifi access, coffee and other beverages.


How Do I contact Jetstar Customer Service?

Jetstar Customer Services
Delayed, Missing or Damaged Luggage

Jetstar Customer Services

The Jetstar contact number is 00 61 3 9645 5999. If calling from within Australia, Jetstar can also be contacted on 131 538. Click here for country branches.

Delayed, Missing or Damaged Luggage

If your luggage is lost or delayed on a domestic flight, you will need to report it at the Jetstar baggage counter area at the airport.

You can also report it via telephone on 1800 687 374 in Australia. Click here for other countries. If only a part of the luggage is damaged or lost, it will need to be reported within 3 days. If all of the luggage is lost or damaged, it will need to be reported within 21 days.

For international flights, the limit is 7 days for damaged baggage and 21 days for delayed or lost baggage. You can submit a claim in writing through the baggage enquiry form.

If your baggage is delayed, and you have notified the airline by filling out a delayed baggage report, you will be given a 10 digit reference number. This number will allow you to follow the status of your delayed luggage via the WorldTracer online baggage tracing system.


Within Australia, Jetstar’s liability is limited to:

  • AUD$1,600 in respect to the destruction, damage or loss of your checked baggage;
  • AUD$160 in respect to carry-on baggage; and
  • AUD$725,000 in respect to bodily injury to you or your death.

International travellers have slightly different compensation entitlements depending on the convention applicable in the region of travel.

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