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When is the best time to fly to Sardinia?

Peak season:

June through to September is when the weather is at its best and cheap flights to Sardinia become very hard to find. This summer period is the busiest and most crowded time of the year to visit although it’s also when a lot of festivals and events take place. The second to last Sunday of May hosts the Cavalcata Sarda in Sassari. The event sees a procession of around 8000 horse riders all dressed in traditional outfits. The first Sunday in August is the Festa della Madonna degli Angeli, which is a fantastic procession of dancing and singing. August sees a few religious events as well as a firework display. If you decide to visit between late June and late August then you’ll need to make sure your flight tickets are booked well in advance to avoid overpaying on your flights to Sardinia.

Off season:

The weather is pleasant for the best part of the whole year, although December through to early March is the coolest and wettest. A benefit of the colder weather is that you’ll also find the cheapest flights to Sardinia and crowds will be almost non-existent. If you’d rather avoid the crowds but still enjoy the weather then consider visiting in April. Cheap flights to Sardinia are easier to find than during the summer but the peak heat hasn’t kicked in yet, and neither as the tourism.

When is the best time to book a flight to Sardinia?

Generally you’ll find the cheapest flights to Sardinia around December through to March, although this does vary slightly depending on where in Sardinia you’re flying into. You’ll want to aim to have your flight tickets booked three or four months in advance or earlier if you can to make the greatest savings. There isn’t a great deal of fluctuation with the price of flights to Sardinia until June kicks in, so anywhere from October to June can have some good bargains to be had. If you have the luxury of flexibility then you’ll find the cheapest flights to Sardinia with no problems. School holidays should be avoided where possible so if you’re flexible you can still take advantage of the beautiful beaches and the hot weather, but pay less than other people to do so. Sitting on either side of the plane should provide you with great views as you approach.

How long is the flight to Sardinia?

Flights from London to Cagliari, Sardinia: 2 hours 35 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Olbia, Sardinia: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Cagliari, Sardinia: 4 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Olbia, Sardinia: 6 hours 30 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Sardinia?

If you’re hoping for direct flights to Sardinia, then you’ll more than likely be travelling with either easyJet or British Airways. There are a couple of others that operate the connecting flights such as Lufthansa, Alitalia and Meridiana. If you’re on a strict budget and want to try and save money, aim to secure your flight tickets with easyJet to increase your chances of finding cheap flights to Sardinia. If you’re a bit more flexible then British Airways could be a good option. They also provide complimentary snacks and drinks throughout their flights to Sardinia which is an added bonus. The main thing is to book your flight tickets well in advance, regardless of which airline you travel with, to ensure you find the cheapest flights to Sardinia for the dates you want.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?


Getting to the centre isn’t too difficult thanks to the reliable transportation options available. The cheapest way for you to find your way would be to jump on a bus. They leave the airport every half an hour and as well as the centre of the city you can also get off at the train station if your journey ventures off somewhere else. There are two different areas to catch the bus from. One is outside of arrivals and the other is at departures. Either one will take you to the centre although they will have slightly different operating times. Taxis are your other option. You can find them as soon as you step foot outside of the airport but note that they are expensive, especially when compared with the price of a bus ticket. If you do take a taxi ensure you’ve agreed on the fare before setting off.


Your best option is to get a bus. Bus lines 10 and 2 both go to Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, which is also where the train station is located. Buses tend to be operated by ARST and you’ll need to buy your ticket before boarding the bus. These can be found from newsagents and you’ll easily find a place in the airport to find your tickets. Bus line 2 runs every half an hour while line 10 operates every 45 minutes but their general route is pretty similar. You can also board buses from the airport to go to other cities or towns on the island. Trains are an option but not from the airport. You can get the bus to the train station and then purchase a ticket for the train to finish your journey. If you’d prefer you can get a taxi but, similarly to Cagliari, taxis aren’t cheap. If you are travelling with friends and can split the fare however, you may find them to be reasonable.

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How much do things cost in Sardinia?

Bottle of wine
$ 10.19
$ 2.01
1 km taxi journey
$ 3.14
1 hour taxi waiting fee
$ 18.81

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