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Cheap Flights to Africa

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Africa overview

Africa maintains an indefinable mystery and allure, a vast continent of diverse countries with a history dating back to 3300 BC. The countries of North Africa – Morocco, Egypt or Tunisia - are closer in culture to Arab nations, whereas South Africa is a multicultural melting pot with strong Dutch and British roots. Countries such as Nigeria, Sudan and Mali retain their rich African heritage.

You can't see all of Africa in one visit, so it's important to plan your trip right. Flights to Africa can be the start of a wide range of adventures. If you're keen on a safari trip, Kenya has the most impressive wildlife and the best organised tours. History buffs will no doubt revel in exploring ancient Egypt, the land of the pyramids and pharaohs. For a few lazy days on unspoilt beaches, book flights to the popular island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

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3 bedroom apartment in city centre
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1 bedroom apartment in city centre
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Cape Town
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3 bedroom apartment outside of centre
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