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Tiger Airways is a budget airline operating out of Singapore. It first began flying internationally in 2004 after its founding in December 2003. It currently services about 39 Asian destinations within a five and a half hour flying distance of its base. Over the past years it has won several airline industry awards, most recently Best Low Cost International Carrier at the India Travel Awards 2015 – South India Edition.

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What Are My Tiger Airways Check-In Options?
What are the Tiger Airways Baggage Allowance Limits and Fees?
What Destinations Does Tiger Airways Fly To?
How do I Contact Tiger Airways Customer Service?
What Additional Fees Does Tiger Airways Charge?
What Amenities Does Tiger Airways Offer?



What Are My Tiger Airways Check-In Options?

Mobile Boarding Passes
Flying with Children
Unaccompanied Children
Flying while Pregnant
Senior Fares
Group Booking
Disabled Access
Guide Dogs


Mobile Boarding Passes

Mobile check-in enables passengers to check-in for their flight within the Tigerair network via the Tigerair App, which is downloadable for Android and iOS7 and up. It replaces the conventional printed boarding pass with an electronic mobile boarding pass stored in the phone. With this, you can head to the departure entrance (entrance to immigration) to scan the Mobile Boarding Pass. Please note that mobile check-in is not available for following types of passenger:

  • Underage passengers without valid accompanying age companion
  • Passengers who are pregnant
  • Passengers requiring special assistance
  • Passenger with combo flights bookings
  • Passengers transiting

Mobile Check-in is available for the following destinations:

You can also check-in online for flights using the online portal by entering your booking details ahead of your flight. Web check-in is available from 72 hours to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time of your flight. You will need to print out your Web Check-in Boarding Pass and bring it with you to the airport to board your flight.

Note that currently Tiger Airways web check-in feature is only available for departures out of Singapore Changi Airport, and is not available for flights to the following destinations:

Also note that the following passenger types are unable to use web check-in:

  • Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Passengers with special needs
  • Passengers who purchased Tigerconnect
  • Passengers who purchased their flights from Tigerapp (mobile application)* and from the call centre.


Flying with Children

An infant may travel with an adult by sitting on the adult’s lap, an infant fee per sector is payable in such cases.

No baby seats or bassinets are permitted in the aircraft cabin, and a maximum of one infant per adult is allowed for travel. Infants are to be strapped to the adult with a seat belt extension during takeoff, landing and whenever required.

Most authorities (airport security, customs, immigration, etc) allow a reasonable amount of milk or baby formula to be carried on-board for an infant’s consumption.

You may also purchase a seat for your infant at adult rates. However, the infant must be seated on your lap with the seat belt extension fastened during takeoff, landing and whenever required.

There must be at least one adult to travel with and take full responsibility for every 10 children, since escort and special facilities for children are not available. Also note that children departing internationally from Perth are exempt from the passenger movement charge.


Unaccompanied Children

Children under the age of 12 years cannot travel alone and need to fly with an accompanying passenger aged 18 years or older.

Children aged between 12 and 14 years are classified as unaccompanied minors and require that their parent or a guardian check them in at each departure airport with a signed indemnity form. Parents and guardians must remain at the airport until the departure of the flight.

Children aged over 15 can fly alone.


Flying while Pregnant

Tiger Airways has a policy specifying the latest stage that pregnant women can take flights. Pregnant women must have completed their journey in full by the end of the 34th week of pregnancy. If the passenger is between 30 and 34 weeks pregnant, a medical certificate is required to confirm that she is fit to travel before she is accepted on-board the flight.

Flying is not permitted from the beginning of week 35 onwards. Note that some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. Check with the relevant embassy or consulate before you travel to confirm any further limitations.


Senior Fares

Tiger Airways does not offer special senior fares at this time.


Group Bookings

If you are planning to fly with a group and wish to be seated together, you can arrange bookings for 10 or more people by requesting a quote through Tiger Airways’s group booking form here. Benefits of group booking include:

  • Ability to track your requests/booking status.
  • Update names of passengers using an excel sheet.
  • Flexible choice of baggage and meals.
  • Flexible payment methods (you can choose to pay by credit card, bank transfer or agency deposit).


Disabled Access

If you require special assistance (wheelchair or ambulatory lift services) when travelling with Tigerair, you will need to notify the airline at the time of your booking or at least three days before the intended departure date.

A personal wheelchair will be carried free of charge, in addition to your normal baggage allowance. Note, however, that the wheelchair must be checked in and that it cannot be carried if it weighs more than 30kg unless it can be dismantled and each piece does not weigh more than 30kg.

If you require assistance to be pushed through the airport terminal to the aircraft steps/door, but are able to then climb up the stairs to the aircraft (if required) and make your own way to the seat, a $20AUD wheelchair charge applies.

However if you need to be lifted onto/off the aircraft and to your assigned seat a $300AUD Ambulatory Lift Charge fee applies which includes use of airport’s wheelchair.


Guide Dogs

Certified and Registered Guide / Hearing Dogs are allowed on board Tiger Airways’ flights where the handler is travelling on the same flight and is fully dependent on the guide dog for mobility. Tigerair will allow the travel if passengers can provide the following information at least fourteen days before their intended date of departure:

  • Guide Dog ID or relevant documentation to prove that the guide dog is accredited by an approved organisation such as the IGDF.
  • Relevant permits from the departing and/or transit and/or destination countries for uplift, transit and disembarkation. 


The carriage of live animals, including pets, insects, reptiles or any other form of livestock, both in the aircraft hold and cabin is not permitted on Tiger Airways’ flights.


What are the Tiger Airways Baggage Allowance Limits and Fees?

Tiger Airways Hand Luggage Size
Tiger Airways Checked Charges
Musical and Sports Equipment


Tiger Airways Hand Luggage Size

Tiger Airways allows passengers to bring two small item as carry-on baggage weighing up to 10kgs combined. For those wishing to check in luggage, a “Luggage Upsize” option needs to be purchased. Hand luggage is considered:

  • 2 x small items of less than 54 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm weighing less than 10kg combined

For checked in luggage, any single item should not weigh more than 30kg.

Passengers save up to 80% if they book their Luggage Upsize option at time of ticket booking, when they will be informed of prices based by weight.

Note that if you plan to bring any liquids into the cabin, you can do so as long as they are stored in containers no bigger than 100ml and are carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bags with maximum dimensions of 20 x 20cm. Each passenger can carry a maximum of 1000ml (e.g. 10 x 100ml).


Tiger Airways Checked Luggage Size

Light Fares and Express Fares do not include check-in baggage. At the time of making your booking you will have the choice to add check-in baggage for each customer on the booking.

Your checked luggage allowance on Tiger Airways flights is based on weight as determined prior to departure. It is cheapest when booking the flight to order the Luggage Upsize option and enter the weight amount, this can be done up to 4 hours prior to departure.

Passengers who do not exercise this option up to 4 hours prior to departure can still do so at the airport, but they will be limited to purchasing the 15kg luggage tier and will be charged the prevailing airport rate.

Additional weight in excess of 15kg will be subjected to the prevailing excess baggage charges.

Airport Price (AUD)
15kg 50
Excess per kg 25

Note that a single item of luggage weighing over 30kg may be rejected.

Passengers can only combine luggage allowance if they are under the same booking, they check-in together, and they all board the flight. Otherwise, luggage allowance cannot be combined or transferred.

Passengers who pay the Luggage Upsize fee at the time of booking or up to 4 hours before departure are not entitled to a refund of the fee in the event that they do not travel or do not carry the upsized luggage allowance of checked-in luggage.


Musical and Sports Equipment

Musical instruments that can be carried as carry-on baggage must not exceed the following dimensions and will form as part of your carry-on baggage allowance. You are allowed 2 pieces of carry-on baggage (inclusive of the musical instrument), with combined weight of 10kg. Small instruments must not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 105cm x 38cm x 23cm

Medium sized instruments (160cm x 40cm x 50cm) will require a seat purchase. Alternatively, if you do not wish to purchase an extra seat for the instrument, it can be checked-in, as with large instruments, which must not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 190cm x 60cm x 80cm


Sports equipment form part of your check-in baggage allowance. You may pre-pay for sports equipment by purchasing “Luggage Upsize” under the “Baggage Selection” option during the booking process. Sports equipment can be transported as carry-on baggage as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Does not exceed dimensions of 105cm x 38cm x 23cm
  • Does not weigh more than 10kg
  • Does not have any sharp edges

Sports equipment can be checked-in as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Does not exceed dimensions of 190cm x 60cm x 80cm
  • Does not weigh more than 30kg

Note that excess baggage fees per kg will be charged at prevailing airport rates if your sports equipment exceeds the baggage allowance you have purchased. Also note the the following items are not accepted for travel on Tiger Airways’ flights:

  • Kayaks
  • Canoe / Oars
  • Javelins
  • Pole vaults
  • Hang gliders
  • Windsurf boards

What Destinations Does Tiger Fly To?

Tiger Airways flies throughout Australia and to international destinations across Asia.

Domestic Australia Destinations

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Coff’s Harbour
  • Coolangatta
  • Darwin
  • Hobart
  • Mackay
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Prosserpine
  • Sydney

International Destinations

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


How do I Contact Tiger Airways Customer Service?

Tiger Airways Customer Service
Delayed, Missing or Damaged Luggage
Tiger Airways Compensation


Tiger Airways Customer Service

The Tiger Airways contact number for flight information in English is +65 3157 6434. For support in other languages, click here.


Delayed, Missing or Damaged Luggage

To make a claim for delayed or lost checked-in baggage on a Tigerair Singapore flight, you will need to lodge a report to a member of ground services before leaving the airport, and provide all details of your baggage. You will be given a Property Irregularity Report with a unique reference number that will enable you to track the progress of your report. For updates on your baggage, you may contact the local Tigerair Lost and Found Team where the report was lodged.

If your baggage is still not located within 7 days of your arrival, you can submit a Baggage Claim Questionnaire to be addressed to: tigerclaims@ctplc.com. In the questionnaire, you will need to indicate the full details of your missing baggage and its contents. You are also required to provide the necessary supporting documents, if any. Your baggage will be deemed missing once is not located within 14 days of your arrival, after which time the claims’ process will begin.

If your baggage is damaged, you have to lodge a report to a ground services team member before you leave the airport.

Any claims made after you leave the airport will not be handled. Tiger Airways uses the baggage adjustor ‘Charles Taylor’ to make an assessment of the damage to determine the compensation amount.


Tiger Airways Compensation

Should your luggage be damaged in-flight, Tigar Airways has a limited liability of $28AUD per kilogram. In the case of damage to cabin baggage, its liability is limited to $555AUD per passenger.

This is, however, where your carriage is not subject to the liability rules of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention.

Flight cancellation and schedule changes

In the event of flight time changes (including cancellations) due to circumstances within the control of Tiger Airways, you can elect to:

  • Be carried at the earliest opportunity on another scheduled service to the same destination on which space is available without additional charge including, where necessary, extension of the validity of your booking; or
  • Retain the value of your fare in a credit account for your future travel with the airline provided you re-book within six (6) months; or
  • Receive a refund.

Tiger Airways operates a no refund policy and, as such, does not to refund any tickets (fares and charges) if you decide you no longer wish to fly as a result of any change in personal circumstances, including but not limited to medical grounds. Tiger Airways offers passengers insurance to cover such cancellations.


What Additional Fees Does Tiger Airways Charge?

Booking Fees
Tiger Airways Frequent Flier Program
Travel Insurance


Booking fees

Booking fees are outlined during the payment process. Booking fees relating to payments made by credit are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of $10AUD per flight per person.

AXS bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee of $5AUD per booking. This will be added to the price on the payment page. A flight change or name fee will apply if you plan to alter your departure date or time (per passenger, per flight).

Internet-based change Price (AUD)
Change fee 60
Booking fee 5-9
Infant fee 50
board me first 6
Call centre
Change fee 70
Name change 75
Refund admin fee 50

Note that a change fee may not apply depending on the fare type purchased, and that you may only have to pay any difference between the fare for your new booking and your original fare.


Tiger Airways Frequent Flyer Program

Tiger Airways does not offer a frequent flyer program but it does offer passengers the Tigerplus option to be added to your flight, which is an add-on product that provides the extra convenience of a dedicated check-in counter, usage of a premium lounge and priority boarding.

Tigerplus costs $50AUD per passenger and is available for Tigerair Singapore (on TR-designated) flights departing out from Singapore.


Travel Insurance

In the event that we have a change in flight schedule, the Tigerinsure policy plans will automatically extend coverage to the rescheduled departure time up to a maximum of three days – provided the travel period does not exceed 45 days from date of departure.

Travel-related issues such as theft of valuables, baggage delay, medical expenses for injury or illness and more are also covered from $250. More details about the insurance plans offered by ACE Travel Insurance here.


What Amenities Does Tiger Airways Offer?

General Amenities
In-flight Entertainment


General Amenities

Tiger Airways offers a lounge service at Changi airport to those who add Tigerplus to their ticket.


In-Flight Entertainment

Generally in-flight entertainment is not offered on Tiger Airways’ flights.



In-flight meals and drinks are available for purchase. If you require specially prepared vegetarian meals, when you book your flight, you’ll have the option of pre-purchasing an in-flight meal or snack as well.

Online Tigerbites also offers a selection of items which can be pre-ordered online up to 3 days prior to your flight departure.



During the booking process, your seats will be automatically assigned with the standard seat rows. If you do not wish to select your seat(s), you may skip the pre-selection and continue without any seat assignment, at no cost. Otherwise, the following fees apply:


 Option Price
Standard Any seat(s) in the rows 5 – 11 or 14 to 30 (for booking seats next to one another) AUD 4 – 6
Front Any seat(s) between rows 2 – 4 for those wanting a quick hop-on and hop-off AUD 9 – 16
Preferred Any seat from the row 1 and rows 12-13 for added leg room AUD 19 – 31
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