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When is the best time to fly to Rouen?

Summertime is the perfect season to book flights to Rouen: the warm, sunny days, and the occasional shower strike a perfect balance for tourists looking to enjoy every bit of the outdoors.

Peak Season

If you find yourself visiting Rouen in the summertime, you’re able to experience all that the outdoor offers, because with perfect sunny weather and very little rainfall, there’s no limit on what you can do. While it may be a bit crowded during the popular rush it’s certainly worth the chaos. 

Off-peak Season

Fewer people head to France in the wintertime, because when the cold sets in, it goes hand-in-hand with frigid rainfall. While it’s certainly not the prettiest time of year here, you’ll be able to find better deals on accommodation and cheap flights to Rouen when you travel in the off-season.

Rouen overview

Rouen –the capital of Normandy and the largest port in France lies just 79 miles (128km) northwest of Paris.

This city can be seen as a three-in-one deal - its mix of vibrant industries and a bustling student population brings a diversity and energy to the ground that makes Rouen a one-of-a-kind experience offering an inventive atmosphere that helped famed writers like Pierre Corneille (Le Cid) and Gustave Flaubert (Madame Bovary) write their striking masterpieces. As you walk these cobblestone streets it’s impossible not to wonder about the passionate hearts of people who once walked the very same roads. 

It is here that Claude Monet spent morning, afternoon and evening painting and repainting the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedrale, and here also that the young and tireless Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in the city’s centre. The restored medieval centre is home to other historical gems like Gothic cathedrals and architecture straight from the middle ages. When arrive in Rouen, you’ll realise that the city’s history, passion and fire are inescapable.

Rouen climate

In the summer (June to August), temperatures reach into the low to mid-20s with very little rainfall, beckoning tourists to book flights to Rouen during the months between June and September. Winter (December to February) brings temperatures down drastically to single digits and just below zero, causing flurries and the most rainfall of the year, but this is also the best time to find discounted flights and lower hotel rates. Autumn (September to November) is another rainy season, but temperatures are more bearable resting comfortably in the mid-teens.

Getting around Rouen

Don’t panic if you don’t see a way to get to Rouen from the airport (URO) after your flight. Despite the lack of any official airport transportation, it’s still easy to make your way around the city. You can grab a taxi almost anywhere, anytime and the local buses are a reliable and simple way to get anywhere within the city limits. The TCAR metro line runs from early morning till late night and tickets are valid for an hour. You may want to look into buying a one-day or week-long pass. If you’d rather set out on your own, several local companies rent cars or bikes.

Rouen insider information

Notre Dame Cathedrale: Overwhelming with beautiful pieces, the Notre Dame Cathedrale is known mostly for Monet’s many depictions of it in a series of light changes. True to reality, the cathedral’s French Gothic façade does change drastically depending on where the sun is, which is exactly what draws art fans to take a flight to Rouen. Built between 1201 and 1514, the astonishing structure endured serious damage during WWII, but was finally rebuilt by its faithful and resilient congregation. Book flights to Rouen today to see where Monet’s intense inspiration lay. 

Rue du Gros Horloge: Once you’re finished with exploring the majestic corners of the Notre Dame Cathedrale, feel free to continue on the Rue du Gros Horloge, one of the most loved and renowned streets in Rouen, running from the cathedral to the Place du Vieux Marche (where Joan of Arc was publicly executed for supposed heresy in 1431). Once you’ve walked through most of it, you’ll come to the point that draws the most travellers to visit the city– the famous medieval clock in the square. One-handed and still working, this momentous timepiece stands clearly as the centre of attention, and creates the perfect atmosphere for the bustling cafes and shops beneath it. 

Christmas Market: If travelling to Rouen during the off-season, you’re in for a treat: Each year, the city holds a Christmas Market at Place de la Cathedrale, when lights are happily strung throughout the city on every street, tree, corner, and square. Pass stalls selling delectable French cheese, waffles, honey, lavender, and olives for a delicious treat to compliment your walk. Handmade arts and crafts (the perfect souvenirs) are also sold here, among many other unique French specialties. If the kids accompanied you on your holiday, then they’ll love the pony rides that run down the pretty cobblestone streets, charming everyone to get into the holiday spirit. 

Shopping: For avid shoppers, the opportunities are endless. Decorative ceramic faience de Rouen (both antique and contemporary) are popular and pretty items, but can be difficult to pack on your return Rouen flight. More convenient might be les coffret de Rouen – hand painted wooden boxes that use 18th and 19th-century decorative styles. If you’re more interested in antiques, then there are more than 80 vendors available, just head straight to Old Town for the best selection.

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