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Think of Trinidad and Tobago as fraternal twins – they are alike, but different in many ways. The smaller Tobago enjoys a very slow paced-lifestyle and is quite undeveloped but has attracted immigrants from all over the world to settle here in recent years. On the other hand, Trinidad is largely populated with sophisticated people and a unique vibe only found on this island.

Travellers booking flights to Trinidad and Tobago are heading into one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. The country’s capital, the Port of Spain, resides in Trinidad, and is flanked by mountains to the north and scenic beaches along the north and east coasts. Flights to Trinidad and Tobago will land in Port of Spain and tourists will find themselves surrounded by skyscrapers, mosques, cathedrals and a Bazaar that would leave even the best shopper weak in the knees. Trinidad and Tobago flights drop visitors in the birthplace of steel drum bands and calypso dancing. And if you happen to be there in February then you can’t miss out on Carnival, where dancers in elaborate costumes parade the streets for two days and hundreds of steel band musicians compete against each other.

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Port of Spain
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
3 bedroom apartment in city centre
Loaf of white bread
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