10 signs that you’re a travel daredevil

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Ever wondered if you’re a bit crazier than your average traveller? Do you find yourself being naturally pulled towards the wilder and often reckless aspects of every country you visit? Is ‘Danger’ your middle name? Check out our list of classic daredevil character traits to see if you’ve got what it takes to join the travel daredevil club.

Move aside, conservative tourists – this one ain’t for the fainthearted.

1. You don’t plan trips extensively

What’s the fun in planning something down to the last detail? You’re more of a ‘Let’s-just-jump-on-a-plane-and-see-what-happens’ kinda traveller.

Itineraries? Pfft, they’re for control freaks and lame-ass tourists.

You thrive on the unknown; the endless possibilities for adventure; the random stuff you just can’t plan for. If your flight got accidentally rerouted from America to American Samoa, you’d just roll with it and start googling ‘cool shizz to do in Polynesia’.

For you, travelling is all about the journey, not the destination.


2. You’ll eat anything. And we mean ANYTHING

Deadly Fugu fish in Japan. Chargrilled scorpions in China. Carolina Reaper chilies. Haggis. Escargot. Hell, you’d drink a shoebox of dirty water from a Calcutta gutter and probably live to tell the tale.

Whatever the dish, wherever in the world you may be, you take bizarre cuisine experiences to the neck-freaking-level.


3. You have a bucket list that would rival Evel Knievel’s career

Your travel to-do list pretty much revolves around chasing the gnarliest and most adrenalin-pumping activities on the planet:

Running with the bulls in Pamplona.
Surfing big waves on Tahiti’s infamous Teahupoo break.
Deep wreck diving in Micronesia.
Skydiving in the Swiss Alps
Heliboarding in Alaska.

You name it; you’re up for it. There’s no challenge too big or too crazy for your daredevil spirit.


4. You’ll sleep just about anywhere

When it comes to places to pass out, you aren’t picky.

From sleeping in a swag under the stars in the Australian outback to catching some z’s in an igloo under the Northern Lights in Finland, you are pretty daring when it comes to choosing where to have a kip. You’d choose sleeping in a hammock in a steamy jungle over sleeping in a five-star hotel any day because it’s waaaay cooler. And because HAMMOCKS.

As long as nothing kills you in your sleep, you’re aces.


5. Your best travel stories tend to end with a visit to the hospital

Every. Damn. Time.

John Mayer sang, ‘Your body is a wonderland’. Well, yours looks more like a battlefield.


6. You take out specialized travel insurance (and you’ll probably need it)

Insurance companies love you because you never leave home without a comprehensive policy covering just about everything except your mortal soul.

When your daredevil shenanigans have more serious consequences than your average traveller’s (and we ain’t talking about a stolen wallet here, people), you gotta get some serious cover. Because whilst bungee jumping over a gorge in New Zealand sounds like a helluva’ lotta fun, the medical bill that accompanies any accidents certainly won’t be. You may be a crazy mofo but you’re a smart one too.


7. Your GoPro is your most valued travel item

You can travel lighter than a hobo, survive with the most basic of provisions, and live in the same clothes for a week (because we all know underwear can be worn 4 different ways before it needs a wash, right?).
But the one thing you can’t leave home without – the one thing more valuable than your passport – is your GoPro.

Your GoPro is like an extension of your body – and let’s face it, it probably is attached to some part of you most of the time – and without it, you’re like that guy who lost all his powers when his hair got chopped off.

It’s like the proverbial ‘tree in the forest’: If a wild moment occurs, and there’s no GoPro to film it, did the craziness actually happen? #deepphotothoughts

Either way, you’re not willing to find out.


8. People ask if your pictures are all PhotoShopped

Your travel pictures are mainly of wide, sweeping landscapes with you perched precariously on the ledge of a cliff, legs dangling down into the abyss as you stare calmly out to the heavens.

“This isn’t real, is it?!” people often ask. You smugly nod and mentally high-five yourself for being so damn daring.


9. The crazier the transport, the better

You’ve raced rickshaws through India, bobsledded across Arctic tundra and gotten some serious air jumping desert sand dunes in Dubai. When it comes to getting your ass from A-Z, you’ll ride/fly/drive/hold on to dear life in anything that moves.

The wilder the ride, the wilder the adventure, right?


10. Everything sounds like a good idea to you

There’s no idea too wild, too crazy or too bold to turn you off having a good time!

You’re the kind of traveller who thinks downing Ultimate Flaming Shots are the perfect way to finish off a night of partying in Prague (trust me, they ain’t); who reasons hitchhiking across a country just to go to a music festival is totally sensible; and believes in the motto ‘Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger’. Which, judging from the previous points, is probably true in your case.

Travel hard, daredevil.


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