10 reasons you’re never too old to stay in a hostel

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Dancing to Taylor Swift’s latest banger whilst downing a fluorescent green liquid from a beer bong somewhere in Vietnam – this may be what you imagine staying in a hostel is like, but trust us, this isn’t necessarily always the case. If you’re a (not-so-young) traveller at heart but can’t afford hotel stays, don’t let your age put you off booking hostel accommodation. There are so many types of hostels catering for just about every kind of traveller. With a bit of research, it’s more than possible to find a bargain hostel stay (that doesn’t have to involve doing sambuca shots in the bar until 3 am). Let’s have a look at why no one EVER is too old to stay in a hostel and then we can celebrate those accommodation savings by finding bargain flights on Cheapflights.com.au.

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Because you’re eager to share your travel tips with others

Sharing is caring – even when it comes to abstract things like travel tips. There’s nothing better than recommending a waterfall that got you 68 likes for on Instagram or that off-the-beaten-track restaurant in the next village serving the best curry in the region.

Because you’re an outdoorsy kind of person

If you’d rather spend your days kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping off suspension bridges or visiting mystical temples high-up in the mountains and don’t really care where you sleep, then why waste your money on hotels? You’re only going to sleep there so you might as well stay at a hostel and spend your money on more worthwhile things.

Because you’re always up for making new friends

Whether you are travelling solo or just want to spice up your Facebook feed with fresh faces, the fact is, hostels are one of the best ways to meet people while on the road. Most hostels have some sort of common room or dining area where mingling with people from all walks of life is a daily and normal occurrence.

Because food that is free tastes the best

The best things in life are free. So if you’re partial to a freebie, you will love hostels. Most hostels offer complimentary breakfasts, and some of them go a little bit further and offer free snacks, drinks or even meals.

Because you don’t want to give up cooking while travelling

If you’re not willing to give up cooking while travelling, you’ll love the fact that most hostels have fully-equipped kitchens where you can go full on Gordon Ramsay. And because cooking is almost always cheaper than eating out, you’ll have leftover money in your travel budget to spend 0n tours and attractions. So get experimenting with those local ingredients.

Because you like storytelling

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio killed a shark with his bare hands in The Beach? Ok, your anecdote repertoire might not stretch that far, but even stories like finding a secret beach on your own or posing for a picture with temple monkeys are definitely worth sharing. For the times when you don’t want to FaceTime your friends back home because you’ll feel guilty about bragging while they’re sitting in the office, drinking cups of instant coffees and waiting for the 5 pm finish, you’ll be glad to hear that hostels are full of eager travellers who will more than happily put up with your storytelling talents.

Because organising tours with strangers is better than going alone

One minute you’re making BFFs at the hostel party, the next you’re organising a whole day island tour together. Spontaneous moments like this are a common occurrence at hostels and what’s best, group tours are often way cheaper than going yourself.

Because they’ll help you to plan your travel itinerary

You became official with your newly made hostel BFFs the minute you swapped Facebooks for the whole world to see. And if you stayed in touch on Messenger, sooner or later, you’ll be planning your travel itinerary together. And who knows? You might do the rest of your trip together. If you are ever in need of inspiration whilst travelling, hostels are the right place to find the people to give it to you.

Because meeting new people is good for you

When you go on holiday with friends or even as a couple, it’s inevitable to get on each other’s nerves at some point. But when you stay at hostels you constantly meet new people so petty arguments between friends are more unlikely. On top of that, you can’t argue that meeting new people doesn’t massively broaden your horizons.

Because… well, you love pub crawls

If you’ve already visited all your local bars within a 30-mile radius, that’s a clear sign you should go travelling and stay in a hostel. There’s nothing better than pub crawling your way around a new destination with newly made hostel buddies. That’s something you’re never too old for and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So go on then, search for flights on Cheapflights.com.au and enrich your life with travel adventures and memories you can only experience in hostels.

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