Sydney or Melbourne?

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Who doesn’t like Australia! With all our food and sun and spiders and stuff, we have every reason to love the land down under. We attracted over 7 million international tourists in 2015 with a huge percentage of them stop off in Sydney and Melbourne.

Now, you and I know that there’s more to Australia than just Sydney and Melbourne. We have at least like, two other cities. Maybe even three. I don’t know: I’m not a geologist. But, regardless, there’s no denying the fierce rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne.

So which city is better: Sydney or Melbourne? Tough one.

Thankfully, this infographic will once and for all settle absolutely nothing. Everyone’s got their own opinion, but hey, infographics are fun and look pretty! And at the end of the day, all this proves is that both cities are pretty darn impressive.

Flights to Sydney   Or flights to Melbourne?

Sydney vs Melbourne

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