Surprising things to do at Australia’s airports

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Here are some things you probably never thought you could do while waiting to catch your flight at airports around Australia. Have some to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

View the Southern Cross at Brisbane International

In 1928, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith became the first person in history to cross the Pacific from Oakland, California to Brisbane, Queensland. This historic trans-Pacific flight stopped twice for refuelling, once in Hawaii and again in Fiji.  A crowd of 25,000 greeted Kingsford and his plane, Southern Cross upon his landing. Today, the airport’s 21 million annual passengers can say hello to it, too. It’s on display in the terminal and free for viewing.

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See a Piece of History at Melbourne International

More than 250 German prisoners of war were housed on site during the Second World War. The Melbourne Airport includes an almost 100-square-metre museum with exhibits about its military history, involvement with NASA and other historical aspects of Melbourne and the surrounding area.

Set the Kids Loose at Sydney-Kingsford

SYD wins the parent’s choice award for kid-friendly airport experiences. Not only do they have lavish baby changing stations with microwaves and family-only security checkpoints, but their network of indoor play areas can make the place seem more like a park than an airport. You’ll find them both on the landside and the airside of the airport, in size and variety enough to keep the most active little ones happy.

Win a Ride In a V8 Supercar at Cairns

Celebrating the expansion of the airport, they’re running a contest in which you can ride in a performance racing auto from Cairns to Townsville. It won’t go quite as fast as the flight that brought you there, but it’s a unique experience all the same.

Get an American Hamburger at Hobart International

Tasmania is off the beaten path even by Australian standards, but they’ve recently added food options right out of New York City and Los Angeles. Visitors can get local grub from the Iron House Brewery Bar and similar outlets, but a recent partnership with SSP International has put American Chain Carl’s Junior on site, offering Hobart travellers cheeseburgers and burritos.
(Feature image: Michael Coghlan)

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