Strange Laws Around the World (Infographic)

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When you are travelling the world, it’s useful to be aware of local customs – especially local laws. travel expert Ben Rosier says it’s useful to be aware of the quirky laws in different countries as the money spent paying off a hefty fine could be best be put towards more fulfilling travel experiences.

In Singapore it’s a crime not to flush a public toilet after use but, according to Mr Rosier, more travellers get themselves into a sticky situation with chewing gum.

“Singapore has a zero-tolerance approach to ‘gum control’ while in Thailand there’s a rule against leaving your home without your undies,” he says.

Watermelon is off the menu in Rio Claro, Brazil while in the US state of Kentucky it’s illegal to keep ice-cream in your back pocket.

If you are driving a rental car in Russia, make sure you keep it clean and whatever you do, don’t wear noisy shoes in Capri, Italy.

“At Cheapflights we appreciate the Japanese approach to driving carefully in the wet so you don’t splash pedestrians; but the New Zealand law about not allowing roosters in hot air balloons doesn’t fly for us. Then again, why would you?”

Here are 18 of the most strange laws around the world.

Strange Laws around the World

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