Must-Have Free Travel Apps for the Aussie Globetrotter

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Get the most out of your smartphone and travel easy with these 10 great apps every Aussie traveller will love!


1. XE Currency

XE Currency is an easy, user-friendly, and super reliable currency converter. Load all of your destinations into the app with your home currency at the top so you can quickly check conversion rates and amounts.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: XE Currency

2. Instagram

You don’t have to be a selfie-loving hipster to get in on the Insty action. This brilliant app is my go-to photo editing and posting platform for when I’m on the go. Just snap a pic, apply a filter, add a couple of #hashtags and you’re all set. Boom. #ILoveInsty

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Instagram

3. Viber

Keep in contact with your friends and family near and far with this free app that allows you to send messages, call, or have group conversations anywhere in the world – all without racking up a huge bill! Viber uses data, not phone credit, so hook up to some free wifi and get chattin’.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Viber

4. DiveSSI

This one is for all my fellow divers out there. The Scuba Schools International [SSI] app stores all your scuba diving certification cards electronically, so you can show dive shop professionals your qualifications prior to going for a splash, even if you left your cards at home. PADI also has a free app available for those who are rated under their system.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: DiveSSI

5. HostelWorld

Easy to use online search and booking system for all of us backpackers looking for a place to rest our weary heads. From Sydney, Australia, to Sydney, Nova Scotia, you’re bound to find a hostel that suits your needs. And the best part? No booking fees apply when you make your reservation through the app!

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: HostelWorld

6. Touchnote

Send cute, personalised, and easy to generate postcards from your phone, anywhere in the world! Pick your template, upload your favourite travel pic, write a quick message and address details, and a postcard will be printed and sent on your behalf. The app itself is free, with postcards costing 1 credit [$1.99] each, and arriving in 1-2 business days. The more credits you buy, the more you save! Perfect for those travellers who can’t be bothered trying to navigate the murky and confusing world of the international postal system.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Touchnote

7. Airbnb

Originally started as a couch-surfing site, Airbnb has morphed into a rad online source of alternative accommodation for travellers – in other people’s pads, all around the world! From spare bedrooms to granny flats, caravans to futons, Airbnb can find you somewhere to crash when you need a break from your dorm room. (Find out how to be a clued-up Airbnb super guest.)

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Airbnb 

8. Beanhunter

Searching for the best espresso in Rome? Longing for a latte in LA? Well, your caffeinated prayers have been answered with this little gem! Beanhunter finds the closest coffee destinations to your current location. Read ratings, reviews, and see the origin of the beans being brewed. Includes maps, directions and contact details. Consider yourself educated.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Beanhunter

9. Smartraveller

Before you leave home, register your travel details with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Travel. This handy and easy to use app allows you to log your details in just a few simple steps, so that in the even of an emergency, the right people know how to find you. The app also provides current travel advice and warnings for most countries, access to consulate details, and info on passports and insurance. I never leave home without my details registered with DFAT; this is the serious side to travelling, dude, and should not be taken lightly.

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Smartraveller

10. Tinder

Let’s be honest, we all get a little lonely sometimes. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or just looking for some cool peeps to hang out with, Tinder is guaranteed to help you find a hottie to hang with. Take the stress [and possible rejection] out of your holiday hook up with just a swipe to the right. And, at the end of a long day’s travels, we all get a little sick of looking at architecture, right…?

Must-Have Free Travel Apps: Tinder

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