How many of these travel adventures did you have in 2016?

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As we approach the end of another year, it’s the perfect time to start planning your getaways for the year ahead (especially when the Cheapflights website makes it oh-so-easy to find the cheapest flight deals). You might have already made a list of New Year’s resolutions, but 2016 isn’t over quite yet and what better way to round off the year than remembering just how adventurous it’s all been? So, how many activities can you tick off of our big 2016 travel bucket list?

PS: If you haven’t ticked off many, get off that couch and make sure 2017 is a more adventurous and eventful year for you.

  • Battled through a hangover in Bangkok

  • Braved a bungee jump

  • Used #wanderlust on your Instagram or Twitter account

  • Snapchatted getting a tattoo on holiday to your friends back home

  • Used our emoji search on the Cheapflights website just because you thought it was fun

  • Scored higher than 12 in our Guess the country from its outline quiz

  • Visited the real Oktoberfest in Germany

  • Flew over the Atlantic Ocean

  • Cheered at the Olympic Games in Rio

  • Spent the night at the airport

  • Bared all on a nudist beach

  • Drank fresh coconut water out of a coconut on the beach

  • Lied to your boss to extend your weekend away

  • Got a free drink in Vegas because I read Cheapflights’ blog post on Where to drink for free in Vegas

  • Bought a fridge magnet as a souvenir for your parents

  • Spotted at least 100 Elsas and Annas from Frozen at Walt Disney World Florida

  • Did drunk Facebook Live while on holiday

  • Played Cheapflights’ Spin The Globe game and scored top marks

  • Island hopped in Thailand

  • Made a New Year’s resolution to travel more in 2017

  • Swam with a whale shark in the sea

  • Instagrammed your airplane window view

  • Attempted a digital detox after reading our blog post on the 6 stages of a digital detox

  • Travelled solo

  • Tried to solve this puzzle on the Cheapflights Facebook page (you can still let us know your answer in the comments below)

How many can you tick off of our big 2016 travel bucket list? 1

  • Walked the Great Wall of China

  • Booked a last minute flight with Cheapflights

  • Partied on the beach

  • Got stuck in the mud at Glastonbury

  • Went road-tripping with your mates

  • Heard a Sia song playing in a taxi on the way to the airport

  • Got stung by a jellyfish

  • Had over an 8-hour stopover in the Middle East on your way to Europe

  • Got that perfect wanderlust-inducing underwater Go-Pro shot

  • Chased the Northern Lights in Iceland

  • Played Cheapflights’ airport bingo

How many can you tick off of our big 2016 travel bucket list? 2

Let us know in the comments below how many activities have you ticked off of our 2016 travel bucket list.

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