5 reasons April is the best time to visit New Zealand’s South Island

April can be a depressing month. The summer barbeques have come to a halt, the hype of Christmas is over and you’re back working the nine to five in the desperate attempt to pay your credit cards off from all that present shopping. But it’s not all doom and gloom. April is the in-between stage of summer and winter, which makes it the perfect month to visit New Zealand. During this time, air travel is at its cheapest – just check Cheapflights.com.au to see for yourself. Not only that, but the South Island’s autumn colours create one of the best autumnal displays in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are still not convinced, just keep reading…

1. Air travel is at its cheapest

Since New Zealand seems to be at the end of the world, ticket prices can sometimes be ridiculous. But April is the time that prices start to fall, making it the best time to visit the most beautiful country on earth (and yes, I am hugely biased). Return tickets from Australia can start at just $185 AUD, making it an incredibly affordable destination for any type of traveller. Be sure to check Cheapflights.com.au for the best prices.

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5 reasons April is the best time to visit New Zealand's South Island 1

2. Your lovely shots won’t be photo bombed by hundreds of tourists

April is a quiet time of year. It’s usually when the tourist season starts to slow and many people think that travelling in April is not the ideal time of year. The likes of the famous tree in Wanaka, which is renowned for being jammed with photographers, will be pleasantly quiet and you will get to sit back and enjoy the surroundings without fighting over the perfect photo spot.

5 reasons April is the best time to visit New Zealand's South Island 2

3. The weather isn’t horrible (yet)

The South Island is always colder than the North Island so don’t expect summer days of 30 degrees, but that is what makes the landscape in the South so incredibly jaw-dropping. You can expect the weather to be about 16-18 degrees. The air is crisp but absolutely lovely if you’re not into hot temperatures. New Zealand weather can be unpredictable so you never know, you may experience sunny days if you’re lucky. The changing of the seasons is most prevalent in the South Island compared to other regions in the north of New Zealand and Australia.

5 reasons April is the best time to visit New Zealand's South Island 3

4. You get value for your money when it comes to accommodation

As accommodation suppliers are not busy at this time of year, you can expect some serious deals! This is fantastic news for your wallet, meaning you can spend more money on other adventure activities around the South Island – towns such as Queenstown are famous for their adrenaline-inducing attractions. Accommodation can be hugely expensive and is a big part of your budget when you’re travelling, so this is a good advantage for budget conscious travellers. Another great perk is that you don’t have to book months in advance or trawl dozens of websites to find the best hotel deals out there. You can just search on Cheapflights.com.au for the best flight and hotel deals – all in one place.

Autumn reflections in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

5. You can expect the most beautiful and colourful autumnal landscapes

The South Island is known for its colourful and vibrant landscapes and this is just magnified in April when the leaves start falling off the trees and the country prepares for winter. It’s an incredible time of year for photographers. Hikers are drawn to towns such as Queenstown, Wanaka and Arrowtown because the autumn season is just so unbelievably beautiful. In the small town of Arrowtown, there is a festival celebrating autumn. It runs from the 20th until the 25th of April and is not to be missed out on.

Vintage style image of Autumn

Are you convinced that April is the best time to visit the South Island? Take advantage of the low-season and book that trip to one of the most beautiful corners of the world. If you’ve always wanted to visit, then now is the time to do so.

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