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Oahu overview

The lavish beach resort of Oahu is known as the island’s gathering place, as it is the most developed of all the areas of Hawaii and it is the centre of both government and culture. Here urban living, natural beauty, and rural communities come together in a fusion of coexistence, topped with cocktail umbrellas.

If you’re a nature lover, then you’ll enjoy the abundance of waves for surfers, underwater exploration for snorkelers, and mountains for hikers span the entire base of this heavenly paradise. Coral bays, sandy beaches, and looming volcanoes are in your midst here, as well as gorgeous green tropical forests, steeped in species diversity. So whether you’re looking to experience Hawaii’s raw nature, or just craving to immerse yourself in the pleasantries of a ukulele band, Oahu is your place.

Oahu climate

Seasonal climate doesn’t really exist here. As with most of Hawaii’s islands, the weather is inviting all year round. With temperatures always ranging between 21-27 degrees, there’s no bad time to book a flight to Oahu, especially if you’re looking to escape winter blues. Humidity spikes a bit in the summertime (April to October), but not unbearably. November to March bring more rain than any other time of the year, and the Kona winds come in through the mountain ranges to cool things down.

When to fly to Oahu

The best time to book flights to Oahu is undoubtedly between May and September. Even though this beautiful island is gorgeous the entire year round, summer remains the quintessential time for vacationers to enjoy the bliss of the lush landscape.

Peak Season

If you’re booking Oahu flights in the summer, then you’ll experience the perfection of tropical paradise. The months of June, July, and August bring balmy days and steamy nights, perfect for enjoying every second of your trip outside. So grab a pina colada, head to the beach, and relax.

Off-peak Season

Although the winter here is known for its cooler temperatures, scattered rain storms, and strong winds, the island’s beautiful year-round climate makes the months of December, January, and February just a mild downgrade from summer. If you’re travelling on a budget, winter is the perfect time to find deals on hotels and cheap flights to Oahu.

Getting around Oahu

The easiest way to get around Oahu is by renting a car. The rental car companies have shuttles at the airport’s arrival gate that will take you straight to pick up your car. Buses are labelled “TheBus” and are easy to use, running all over the island. There are schedules posted at every stop. You can also rent a bike, but watch out for traffic, as conditions can change quickly.   

Oahu insider information

Makua Beach: Travellers booking flights to Oahu have one desire in common: the beach. Once you get here, you’ll be surrounded by sand, but the (arguably) best place to go is the largely undeveloped Makua Beach, where white sand and crystal waters meet, and are supplemented only by the beauty of pyramid mountain views. This beach is so beautiful, that it has become a popular spot for Hawaiian burials at sea. Whether you’re here for a sacred ceremony, swimming with spinner dolphins, or snorkelling, Makua Beach is the perfect place to spend your day.

Kualoa Ranch: While the beaches might be one of the most attractive parts of Oahu, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy besides the shoreline. If you’re interested in horseback riding or narrated nature tours, then head to the Kualoa Ranch, where the beautiful, prehistoric-looking backdrop once used for the set of the TV series "Lost," and the movie "Jurassic Park," has stunned viewers. Located at the base of Ka’a’wa Valley, the ranch offers daily tours to visitors.

North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum: If you’re looking for a truly authentic way to learn about surfing, then head to the North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum. Staffed by surfer dudes who (unsurprisingly) love to surf – the place is open every day, but closes temporarily when they need to catch a wave or two. Its funky and casual manner draws tons of tourists trying to get a peek at vintage surfboards, period photos, and classic surf posters. You can also purchase long lost beach jewellery, if you’re so inclined.

Waimea Valley Audubon Center: The island’s beauty and elegance is largely based on its natural environment. If you want to explore the lush vegetation and take a breath of fresh air in a gorgeous, energizing atmosphere, then head to the Waimea Valley Audubon centre, just across from the Waimea Bay Beach Park. Stroll through the colorful botanical gardens, passed 500 species of ginger, hibiscus, heliconia, and medicinal species that grow here. The uplifting surroundings, complete with stone platforms, terraces, and replicas of thatched buildings, are enough to make you forget the civilized world altogether.

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