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When is the best time to fly to Linz?

Summer in the city offers warm, sunny days, so if you want to enjoy the attractions and monuments in warm weather visit between June and August. The winter months can often bring temperatures that fall below freezing. If you plan to visit Linz during the low season, book between the months of November and March for the best flight deals and cheaper accommodation.

Linz overview

Situated on the banks of the river Danube in the heart of Austria, Linz is a vibrant, dynamic city enriched with historical, cultural and artistic treasures. The city has long been a cultural meeting place for artists and musicians, having been visited by Mozart in 1783 when he wrote the Linz Symphony. The city is still a centre for music events and festivals, particularly the Linz Fest and the Ars Electronica Festival, which take place in a park alongside the Danube. Linz is also the home of the famous Brucknerhaus, a concert hall and events centre that is named after Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. The city is best explored on foot, by taking a stroll through the charming streets of the old town or along the Landstraße to the city's main square, the Hauptplatz. Several landmarks are worth a visit, including St. Martin's Church, which is considered to be the oldest church in Austria, and the Old Cathedral, which was built in the Baroque style. If you take the Pöstlingbergbahn tram from the main square to the north of the city, you can make a steep ascent to reach the Pöstlingberg, a high hill that offers excellent views of the city and is also the site of the Pöstlingberg pilgrimage church. You will also find the city's zoo halfway up the mountain, which is home to hundreds of animals and makes a great family day out. If you're looking for more exciting ideas to amuse the kids, take a ride on the Grottenbahn, a miniature underground dragon train that travels through a fairytale grotto. Linz has something for everyone, whether you want to immerse yourself in the music scene, or visit the city's historic wonders, there are plenty of attractions to make this holiday truly memorable.

Getting around Linz

The public transport in the city centre is excellent, providing a network of bus and tram lines. If you want to see the surrounding Austrian countryside, you can hire a car from one of the major car rental companies.

Getting from the Airport to the City

The Blue Danube Airport (LNZ) is located 8 miles (12km) southwest of the city. You can reach the city centre within 20 minutes by taking the bus service or a taxi from the airport. There are also several shuttle bus services that offer door-to-door transportation. If you want to hire a car, you can book with one of the major car rental companies.

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How much do things cost in Linz?

Petrol (1 litre)
$ 1.69
1 km taxi journey
$ 1.95
1 hour taxi waiting fee
$ 45.0
Taxi - fixed fee
$ 7.20
Pack of Marlboro cigarettes
$ 7.5
Large bottle of water
$ 1.50
Clothing & Shoes
Pair of jeans
$ 137.81
Pair of Nike shoes
$ 138.53
$ 4.64
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre)
$ 4.43
How much does a beer cost in Linz?
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
$ 2
Local draught beer (0.5 litre)
$ 6
Bottle of beer (imported beer)
$ 2
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
$ 6

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