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When is the best/cheapest time to visit Laredo, TX( USA)?

Thanks to its semi-arid desert type climate, the city of Laredo on the south bank of the Rio Grande River in Texas is a great choice at any time of year. However, flights can be quickly snapped up for Washington's Birthday Celebration events that take place right through the month of February, so it’s best to book well in advance.

Laredo is at its hottest in July, and temperatures of around 38C (100F) are normal. Extended periods of dry weather mean that drought conditions can sometimes occur in Laredo, so be aware of the water conservation guidelines. Good deals on flights to Laredo can often be found over the May to November period, and Laredo tends to be busier during local school and college holidays from July to September.

Although the months of November to March are cooler than in some other parts of southern Texas, temperatures in Laredo are still mild with averages of between 24C (75F) in November to 19C (66F) in January. Look for cheap flights to Laredo and visit at this pleasant time; with the exception of late January and February the city is not as crowded.

Why visit Laredo, TX (USA)?

Laredo is twinned with the town of Nuevo Laredo on the opposite bank of the Rio Grande in Mexico, and the area is popular with visitors who want to visit family or go shopping on either side. 

Washington's Birthday Celebrations bring hundreds of thousands of vistors to Laredo in February. Beginning with the Jamboozie carnival at the end of January, The Jalapeño Festival, the Border Beer Fest, the Princess Pocahontas Pageant, the Stockmen's Ball, the Mr. South Texas Luncheon, an excellent air show and two big parades are some of the events that take place over the course of the month. Demand for accommodation and flights to Laredo is high at this time, so do book early to avoid disappointment.

The Rio Grande River and the region surrounding Laredo make it a top destination for birdwatchers and species like the Great Kiskadee, Green Jay, White Tipped Dove and Audubon's Oriole might be spotted. Fishing is also a favourite pastime, and Lake Casablanca International Park has plenty of good spots as well as camping and picnic areas.

If you're interested in the unique culture and history of Laredo you might enjoy a visit to Plaza San Augustin which is the venue for several arts and crafts festivals and dance events throughout the year. The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and El Mercado, the old city hall are also essential stops for history fans.

Go kayaking on the mighty Rio Grande or visit Mexico for a day of bargain hunting and cross cultural fun. There are four international bridges that link Laredo to Nuevo Laredo and Colombia-Solidarity International Bridge and Gateway to the Americas International Bridge are both open to pedestrians.

Getting around Laredo

Car hire is an excellent choice for any holiday in Laredo thanks to the 'spread out' nature of the city. There is also a good bus service that covers the city and outlying regions, and there are services available for disabled passengers as well as regular routes.

Getting from the Airport to Laredo

Laredo International Airport (LRD) is just three miles (5 km) north of the city centre in Webb County, Texas. It is easy to get from the airport by taxi from outside the terminal, and the journey to the centre of Laredo takes just 10 to 15 minutes. It is always best to agree on the fare before departing. Car hire is available inside the terminal for those who prefer to drive.

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