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When is the best time to fly to La Romana?

Year-round festivities draw travellers throughout the year, but every visitor is different when it comes to deciding when the best time for visiting La Romana is. Many enjoy the hot, tropical weather that descends upon the city between December and April, a welcome change of scenery for those coming from cold climates. May and June bring the wet season to La Romana, but those who don’t mind a little rain and humidity can still enjoy the best that the city has to offer – and often at a discount. True deal-seekers may want to consider visiting between May and November, La Romana’s hurricane season. Tourists tend to shy away from the city during these months, but those who brave hurricane season are sure to snag the best deals.

City overview

A popular cruise port and resort town, the coastal gem of La Romana in the Dominican Republic is a natural fit for those looking to relax in an easygoing beach town. Whether you plan to enjoy the wild nightlife or hang out at your resort, there are plenty of ways to unwind in La Romana.

Nightly parties are held at many of the local resorts, and visitors are often surprised to discover these are generally open to the public. Nightly festivities are often held on the beaches, too, making La Romana perfect for those who love dancing and partying into the early morning hours.

Shoppers also love La Romana, as the duty-free zone can mean serious discounts on clothing, souvenirs and food. A bit of bargaining can also go a long way.

Those who want to balance fun and shopping with culture and history should be sure to visit Altos de Chavon, a replica 15th-century village that sits on the banks of the Chavon River. The colonial architecture of Altos de Chavon stands as a reminder of La Romana’s past, and here, visitors can visit a museum, enjoy views of the river and dine at local restaurants.

Of course, plan on spending a nice chunk of time in La Romana enjoying the city’s beautiful beaches.

Getting around La Romana

Public transportation is available in La Romana. The local buses are known as guaguas and make it easy to access destinations throughout town. There are two popular ways of getting around the city. Motorbikes are also plentiful throughout the city and can be hired privately.

Getting from the Airport to the City

The city is served by La Romana International Airport (LRM), which sits just 6 miles (9.6 km) east of La Romana. To get into town, it’s best to hire one of the taxis outside the terminal. Shuttles are also available right outside the terminals, and many major car rental agencies have kiosks on site.

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