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Top ten alternative landmarks around the world

We highlight the attractions off the beaten path

“Been there, done that and could have done without it” - that's a feeling every traveller hopes to avoid on their holidays. Spending hard-earned holiday time queuing to see - and be underwhelmed by - a landmark is a no-no so Cheapflighters in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have suggested this list of alternative must-sees around the world.


You can't go to Sydney and not take in the world-class views of the iconic harbour, but your vantage point can make all the difference. Don, a long-time resident of Australia, recommends the Sydney Fish Market (just 2km west of the CBD) over Darling Harbour. It's a great place to gaze upon the sights and sounds of the marina. Over a plate of oysters and a bottle of the local wine of course. For a lesson in shelling and grilling sign up for a class at the Seafood School – it's the country's leading cooking school. If you’re planning to be in Sydney for New Year’s Eve, Pete suggests going to Balmain for the best view of the magnificent bridge. (Tip: Get there as early as possible to nab the best spot) Search and compare: cheap flights to Sydney

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visiting the Rijksmuseum is always a must-do in Amsterdam. Jam-packed with all kinds of art, it can be too big for a three-day city break so if your passion is modern art, Meagan D., who grew up in the Netherlands, recommends visiting the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen (a suburb of Amsterdam) instead. Meagan says that only Dutch, Danish and Belgian artists are featured at the museum. The curators do a wonderful job of fusing contemporary art with local culture - a fascinating homage to the Cobra movement. Search and compare: cheap flights to Amsterdam

Portofino, Italy

On a recent trip to Portofino Amy was shocked by the eye-watering prices charged for everything from bread to beer. Rather than handing over your hard-earned euros to the business people of Portofino, she recommends catching a water taxi to Santa Margherita, which is a more down-to-earth alternative. The coastal town is filled with reasonably priced B&Bs and good-value restaurants. Santa Margherita attracts fewer tourists than ritzy Portofino, providing you a holiday that is more authentic. Search and compare: cheap flights to Genoa (a 40-minute drive from Portofino)

Tel Aviv, Israel

If you're in Tel Aviv, make time for Neve Tzedek, an up-and-coming alternative to Jaffa. Neve Tzedek is a culturally revitalised area with ancient architecture and art galleries, funky boutiques and restaurants. Dalia, a Tel Aviv regular, recommends Café Dallal – a charming bistro – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And for dessert, go next door to the scrumptious little bakery. Another must-visit is the Tachana, a train station-turned-entertainment complex that, following ten years of renovations, draws visitors with photography exhibitions, arts-and-crafts fairs and live music. After a couple of hours of strolling around, the Tachana has plenty of great restaurants for a spot of al fresco dining. Search and compare: cheap flights to Tel Aviv

Washington, DC, United States

On one of her recent trips to the capital of the US, Nadine discovered some fabulous landmarks away from the main drag. For dinner, she decided against M Street and tried the newer, trendier, 14th and U streets near Logan Circle. From Spanish tapas to Asian fusion (her personal recommendations are Estadio and Masa 14), the culinary gems are storming the ranks of DC’s best restaurants. While there, check out Logan Circle’s art scene. The boutiques, such as the Hamilton Gallery and Project 4, are more casual than Georgetown’s galleries – and a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Search and compare: cheap flights to Washington DC

New Orleans, United States

Emily, a fan of New Orleans and live music, suggests that travellers who are looking for more music for their money skip JazzFest (the last week of April and first week of May) and visit The Big Easy a fortnight earlier – for the French Quarter Festival (in 2012 it's on 12-15 April). The four-day event is considered to be the locals’ festival. Up-and-coming musicians play in venues along the riverfront and throughout the Quarter. Alright, it may not have Jazzfest’s headline acts (Willie Nelson, Robert Plant and Mumford & Sons were on this year's bill), but it's well worth the trip for an authentic – and, important this, free – event. Search and compare: cheap flights to New Orleans

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is a wonderland when the snow falls, and Meghan K. recommends a visit during the Quebec Winter Carnival (in 2012 the dates are 27 January to 12 February). Snow sculptures and sleigh rides and canoe races along the icy St. Lawrence River are must-dos. If you can't make the festival, try to visit between December and March and take a toboggan ride at Les Glissades de la Terrasse Dufferin in the centre of Old Quebec. Located beside the imposing Chateau Frontenac, it’s a 90km thrill ride. Search and compare: cheap flights to Quebec

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to find a party in Buenos Aires? Kat, a former resident of Argentina, knows. She advises skipping the tango shows in the San Telmo neighbourhood. "They might be impressive, but they’re full of tourists," she says, "and won't give you a real taste of the capital city". "Visit La Bomba de Tiempo for a night of fabulous live music instead. Let loose with locals as percussionists jam out for the first hour, and an invited guest joins in for the second half of nonstop music and dancing." Rain or shine, every Monday it’s an absolute must. Search and compare: cheap flights to Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Josh is our resident Brazil expert; he has been to Rio de Janeiro four times in the past two years alone. He advises fellow travellers to skip the busy beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. If you're looking for peace and quiet take a two-hour bus ride to Buzios. Twenty-three beaches, buzzing boutiques and eclectic restaurants dot the fishing village. Brazilians - and Argentines - have made it their Riviera. Grab your bus ticket, your beach bag and go. The last time Josh visited, he had the beach all to himself. Paradise. Search and compare: cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro

Chiang Mai, Thailand

When visitors tire of Bangkok and Phuket they head north to Chiang Mai. Often, the icing on the cake will be playing with elephants. Sadly, visitors rarely see the effects of this type of attraction on the animals. Lauren spent a year as an English teacher in the Land of Smiles and recommends visiting Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation centre in the northern city. The nonprofit organisation is a superb alternative, and gives volunteers the chance to learn about elephants on day-, overnight- and week-long visits. Search and compare: cheap flights to Chiang Mai

Updated November 2011

Kara Segedin
Writer, traveller, Tweeter, blogger and part-time adventurer. A kiwi living in London off to explore the world! I can never travel enough!