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Travellers taking cheap flights to Denpasar will land at Ngurah Rai Airport, about 13km away. Bali's capital city often goes unexplored in favour of spending more time on the island's beaches, but it's worth a look. It's home to thousands of Balinese from other parts of the island, has a rich history (heartbreaking at times) with some good museums, a lively events calendar and great markets.

The Badung Puputan in 1906 is one of the most stirring events in Balinese history. In the face of an advancing Dutch army, the Raja and his followers committed mass suicide rather than be captured or defeated. Today, a statue in Taman Puputan Badung Square commemorates the event. It's a shady spot, popular with the locals who visit at the weekends.

Denpasar has some great local markets - day and night. Pasar Badung is the largest market, selling food and clothing to locals, Pasar Burung, the noisy and colourful bird and small animals market, and Pasar Malam Pekambingan and Pasar Kereneng, night markets.

As far as beaches go, there are several within easy reach. Kuta, Legian and Canggu are best for surfing, Sanur for sunbathing.

Denpasar climate

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate. There are two seasons - dry (May to September/October) and wet (October/November to April). The Monsoon brings heavy showers and high humidity during the wet season. The months of June to September are the driest months and humidity is not a factor.

When to fly to Denpasar

Peak Season: 

June to September is peak season in Denpasar. Most visitors take cheap flights to Denpasar during this time. Schools are out, European tourists take their holidays during these months. The New Year is also a peak time (Australian holidays). 

Off Season: 

The wet season (October to March) is, in general, the low season. However, you'll find some intrepid travellers, who snap up the cheaper flights to Denpasar and cheaper accommodation rates. December and January are the wettest months.

Getting around Denpasar

The centre of Denpasar is easily covered on foot. Taxis are cheap and readily available. It's best to settle on a fare before you set off, to avoid any nasty shocks later on. Bemos are small vans with set routes that set off when they are full. It may take a while for bemos to fill up so taking a taxi may be a quicker - and more comfortable - option. Understanding the routes that bemos take may be something best left to locals too. Australians can drive in Bali as long as they bring their International Driving Licence.

Denpasar insider information

  • The Bali Museum is across from the square. It has several buildings from different regencies, ancient artifacts and some of the weapons used in the Puputan. 
  • Other museums of note include Museum Rudana, the art museum, and Museum Semarajaya, which has a good collection of weapons, ceramics, paintings, furniture and dance and ceremonial costumes.
  • The Bali Arts Festival takes place in July/August each year. It's a month-long celebration of Balinese culture with performances, exhibitions, and much more.

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